[YZS SoftSubs] Detective Conan 0166-0167-0168 [Remastered 720p]

2020-08-12 11:25 UTC
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#### **Note** This is the Remastered version of episodes 166-168 in 720p HD. Note that, it cuts out a lot of stuff in trying to fit a 72min (3 EPs) case into 48min. For first-time viewers, I'd suggest watching the full case from the separate episodes, in order to have the full experience of the case. You can find [our release of the separate episodes here](https://nyaa.si/view/1229180). If you are re-watching, then the remastered version is good to go. Cheers! #### *We are looking for translators to help us work on our next big project - **The Desperate Revival Arc**. If anyone is interested please contact us on our [discord](https://discord.gg/MvUJaw3) or comment below. In case you are afraid to join cuz Detective Conan is a huge series, don't worry you can work for only a few episodes as long as you feel like. Every episode counts.* 😄 #### **Info** **Anime**: Detective Conan **Episodes**: 0166-0167-0168 (Remastered) **Case Title**: The Tottori Spider Mansion Demon **Subtitles**: English Subs #### **Credits** Translation Sources: **KnKF Subs**, **UTB Subs**, **Viz. Manga,** **Catalan Dubs** OCR Efforts: **Yakubo**, **Lady Zeline**, **Riku**, **Zill** Translation Checkers: **Manaphy**, **Spimer**, **Linzz**, **Sen** Raw Source: **Puto-RAW** Encoder: **AkihitoSenpai** Quality Checkers: **Westie**, **Intervención**, **Lady Zeline** Typesetting & Timing: **Scradow**, **Intervención**, **Yakubo** Karaoke: **MisakiTaro**, **TheBatman122** #### **Contact Us** **[Join our Discord Server for DDLs and to get updates and notifications for future releases.](https://discord.gg/MvUJaw3)**

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  • [YZS SoftSubs] Detective Conan 0166-0167-0168 [Remastered 720p][D97D32C3].mkv (779.6 MiB)
Thank you, one of my favorite cases

yakubo (uploader)

You're welcome :)
Thanks always waiting for your next upload.
Any new releases coming up soon?

yakubo (uploader)

185-186 is almost done, and was going to be released last month, but we decided to take a break instead. We'll resume soon in a month or two hopefully. Apologies for the delays.
How's Desperate Revival coming along?

yakubo (uploader)

We had started working on DR but we got information that Kienai will be working on them, so we decided to skip them for now. In case they do not release that, we can work on that again.