[One Pace][425-427] Enies Lobby 23 [1080p] [Dual-Audio]

2020-08-10 19:34 UTC
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Ch. 425-427 / Ep. 307-309

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  • [One Pace][425-427] Enies Lobby 23 [1080p][25AFC3E5].mkv (1.2 GiB)
Are the other releases dual audio?

ChaoXide (uploader)

Unfortunately not yet. I assume they'll update 1-22 again for batch to make them dual-audio once they complete the Enies Lobby arc which ends with ep25.
I bow to you guys. One Pace is great and I like the movies (episode of...)but they cut a lot out :/

ChaoXide (uploader)

Those "Episode of" specials Toei put out are just big recaps of various arcs to refresh your memory after the near 1,000 episodes that exist. No way were they meant for first time viewers nor were they ever going to be able to cram an entire arc into less than 2 hours without major cuts. If you're wanting to watch the show with all of the canon intact yet wasteful padding and filler removed, then One Pace is definitely a good option to go with. I should also note, that I don't work for [One Pace] at all... I just share the .torrent file once they release an episode because their staff often don't bother posting it to Nyaa. I just happen to be on their Discord and get pinged when a new episode is released.
@ChaoXide Gotcha. I've been going back and checking your torrents. I'm fairly familiar with the series but is the uploads out of order from your end or theirs? It seems all over the place with An Enies Lobby upload one day and a Little Garden upload the next. Also will there be uploads in the future that correct this and group em all together?

ChaoXide (uploader)

The One Pace team is decently sized so they split the team up to work on different arcs at a time. Episodes simply release whenever they get finished and pass quality check. As for batches, an arc will generally be batched once the arc is completed. Until the batch, you can just expect episodes randomly to show up. There is a torrent with a batch of all of their releases up to the day of the torrent though if that is of interest: https://nyaa.si/view/1249469
will it be fine if I just jump into any arc or should I watch them serially? i have watched a few episodes from the start of the series.