[DmonHiro] Tejina-senpai - Magical Sempai (BD, 720p)

2020-08-09 23:32 UTC
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![image](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Kt1hkZC-_tU/XzCH2PCFJjI/AAAAAAAACdU/X6Sg4S_zwUchmDizE1whBIRc6IGI2fouwCLcBGAsYHQ/s1280/TNS1%2BOP.png) Our dear male protagonist (no name given) finds out that his school requires him to join a club. While searching for one he comes across Sempai, who runs a magic club. While she may have some talent at it, she also has massive stage fright, making any attempt at performing in front of anyone a disaster waiting to happen. Also, she's clumsy and not very bright. Even though she's highly attractive, the male character knows that hanging around her would be a big pain in the butt. Too bad she manages to trick him into joining her club. Hilarity ensues. An amusing half-length anime about a hapless sempai trying to perform magic tricks for the male protagonist. Sometimes funny, sometimes sexy. Sempai is adorable and must be protected all costs. Especially from herself since she's the creator of most of her misery. Subs from Erai. **Series rating: 7/10** **Opening & Preview (Middle-click the image to open video in new tab. Preview contains subtitles)** [![Opening](https://i.ibb.co/f8HhdKB/TNS-OP-mkv.png)](https://mega.nz/file/1ZsFVYjD#RI0fqpfqpDhl3_tmX0gmhlemjpXAUC1bi7nHhcDCMps) [![Preview](https://i.ibb.co/5T2TtjK/TNS-PV-mkv.png)](https://mega.nz/file/wYtTSaDI#tIDdvvy9xjIt7MB5HQ-v7Pqe_0LnsUdY_FyfgQQlM0Q) https://anidb.net/anime/14467

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  • [DmonHiro] Tejina-sempai (BD, 720p)
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it's either "Tejina-senpai" or "Magical Sempai", you mixed up romaji title with English title
\>trusting dmonhiro to not fuck up
Neat. I was just thinking of watching this.
Ah yes my separate ASS files.

DmonHiro (uploader)

Eh, sempai and senpai... same thing.
This anime is very similar to Dagashi Kashi, but with magic instead of sweets. I liked it, but needs more ecchiness ;) Also 7/10 for me.
Can I ask why do you generally have the subs as separate files? It only makes things inconvenient for ppl tho

DmonHiro (uploader)

I'm pretty sure it's the other way around. せんぱい is se-n-pa-i. So it would be sempai that is the American otaku romanization, since Japanese pronounce it with an audible "m". As for why my subs are external, I've answered that so many times before that I will not answer it again. Basically, because that's how I like it.

DmonHiro (uploader)

So it's written one way, but read another. Yup, that sounds about right for Japanese.
I read now the Modern Hepburn romanization rules make change from sempai to senpai. Because many people internacionally don't know this portuguese thing. But in Japan, sempai is the rule.
By the way, the japanese lesson in this thing found: 日本語をアルファベットで記述するとき、あるルールに則った場合は、「n」(撥音)が「b」または「p」あるいは「m」の前にあるときはその「n」を「m」で表記することがあります。 例: にほんばし nihombashi せんぱい sempai でも「n」のままでも分かりますし、ふだんの場面では問題にならないと思います.
Thank you so much DmonHiro.
Yeah... But, senpai is correct in Modern Hepburn (overseas). Sempai is correct in Japan ( Tradicional Hepburn). Is this a Schrödinger romanization?
Let the sempai war begin.
Isn't the real senpai the underpamsu we saw along the way?
> 04 - Celebrating Sempai.ass Never have the juvenile .ass jokes been easier to make, nor more appropriate to the series. XD
the bigger issue is that people who search for either the japanese or the english name will have a harder time to come across this release down the road.
So much sempai's ass