[Doki] Girl Gaku ~Hijiri Girls Square Gakuin~ - 08 (1280x720 HEVC AAC) [460E1D67].mkv

2020-08-05 03:55 UTC
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  • [Doki] Girl Gaku ~Hijiri Girls Square Gakuin~ - 08 (1280x720 HEVC AAC) [460E1D67].mkv (56.1 MiB)
Thank you very much
what exactly is the section at the end? when the video gets "stuck" im assuming that the end, then what is it that comes next?
Where the video gets “stuck” is where the audio track is longer than the video. Depending on the player, it either quits or stays on the last frame of the video while the audio continues playing. The audio is from the full ED, which is a live studio performance (in 60fps!) with the credits appearing most of the way in. You can see this on [my raw release of the episode](https://nyaa.si/view/1266270) if you're interested. Their website release post "explains" their decision to not include the ED, though why they included the full audio anyway is anyone's guess, since you'd think the relevant part would be the credits in the video. ``krymsun00: So we need to decide if we’re keeping 3d part`` ``krymsun00: Why would I need to do the song if we aren’t?`` ``jakeman95: It’s used as an insert`` ``jakeman95: Well part of it`` ``krymsun00: There’s an insert in a 2 minute episode? Fucking eh`` ``jakeman95: 00:57`` ``krymsun00: Well the 3d part is kind of redundant`` ``jakeman95: I’ve seen lazier animation for inserts in other series.`` ``jakeman95: Yeah`` ``jakeman95: I don’t feel like a pedo watching these 3, though.`` ``krymsun00: You’d still be put on flyers around town`` ``jakeman95: Some of the other videos they have of them singing/dancing though…`` ``jakeman95: Lol`` ``jakeman95: I mean… I probably already am.`` ``jakeman95: But yeah, can probably ax the 3d since it’s a repeat.`` ``krymsun00: If 4chan has taught me anything, it’s that the presence of that black guy in the studio means they’ve all been defiled already anyway`` ``jakeman95: HAHA`` ``jakeman95: I mean being that all the hosts are male…`` ``krymsun00: Just to be clear, that is not a racist comment. Jap idols just love black dick apparently``
"Just to be clear, that is not a racist comment." And then immediately proceeds to use an ethnic slur, lol.
Hello! Can we hope to continue the translation?