[GM-Team][国漫][雾山五行][Fog Hill of Five Elements][2020][02][AVC][GB][1080P]

2020-08-02 12:24 UTC
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![][0] **Name:** 雾山五行 / Wu Shan Wu Xing / Fog Hill of Five Elements / Wushan Wuxing / Fog Hill of the Five Elements / Five Elements in the Misty Mountain **Genres:** Action, Historical, Martial Arts, Fantasy **Episodes:** 3 Episodes **Duration:** 30 min. per ep **Aired:** July 26, 2020 - - - Email:guomanteam@gmail.com - - - **This EP has logo, if there have no logo version, I will replace it, thanks.** - - - **Official channel** [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWOPjMDcx-u2Vzgd39gQrSg][1] - - - This animation is very expressive in recent years. I hope everyone can promote this animation. Our Chinese animation is still good~ **If you like, please seeds, thanks.** [0]: http://puep.qpic.cn/coral/Q3auHgzwzM4fgQ41VTF2rPQ0OHSZnMeA7ULmxiby1qAGC5lQTZiclDxg/0.jpg [1]: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWOPjMDcx-u2Vzgd39gQrSg

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  • [GM-Team][国漫][雾山五行][Fog Hill of Five Elements][2020][02][AVC][GB][1080P].mp4 (1.2 GiB)
Do you still upload in GM-Team Drive? I think I didn't see this one in there.

GuoManTeam (uploader)

Team Drive is error, my acount can't use. I will add after the end to GD Link.
I will help to promote this animation and thanks! ^^
https://v.qq.com/detail/p/p0pcfbdk318ry3m.html Please, upload this serie :)
@Malumabeib These two torrents worked fine for me a few months ago. You can give them a shot. The Black Troop season 1&2: 超神学院之雄兵连 第一季 天河战役篇: https://share.acgnx.se/show-f7e4d2e4937678b50869ed88a5b54a62de5c8125.html 超神学院之雄兵连 第二季 雄芯篇: https://share.acgnx.se/show-d5a324f2e9bb10ba87cca4488c1fb7e2a2d522fc.html
@Malumabeib Sorry I forgot season 3. 超神学院之雄兵连 第三季: https://share.acgnx.se/show-df66a95206b04e4975a6067f35875a3e6079fb62.html
WTF, why english comments and etc, when there are no english subs? Wat's the purpose of GM-Team?
@qnkov 你这人说话的语气真讨人厌! Because it’s great to be multi-lingual and there are some of us here who’re trying to learn the language through Chinese animation. Guoman Team is doing us a big favor, huge thanks to them always! Echt heel erg bedankt.
@qnkov well you can always find other source
@Mushroompizza Links are down :(
@ Malumabeib Seems to work fine for me though? Maybe try again, here are the magnet links of the first three seasons below. 超神学院之雄兵连 第一季 天河战役篇: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f7e4d2e4937678b50869ed88a5b54a62de5c8125&tr=http://opentracker.acgnx.se/announce 超神学院之雄兵连 第二季 雄芯篇: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d5a324f2e9bb10ba87cca4488c1fb7e2a2d522fc&tr=http://opentracker.acgnx.se/announce 超神学院之雄兵连 第三季 乾坤篇: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:df66a95206b04e4975a6067f35875a3e6079fb62&tr=http://opentracker.acgnx.se/announce