[Fabrebatalla18][RAW] Inuyasha 001 [720p BDRip]

2020-07-29 18:57 UTC
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**Source:** BD SPA (BD USA for OP/ED textless) **Video:** h264 - CRF 16 - 10 bits **Audio:** FLAC **MediaInfo:** https://paste.ee/r/no2k6 **Bonus:** I have fixed the color space of the textless OP/ED (BD USA) and the gamma of the Spanish BD. I have also debanding and adding a light layer of grain. Some screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/Va0MUEA **I would appreciate any comment to know if my raw convinces you.**

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  • [Fabrebatalla18][RAW] Inuyasha 001 [720p BDRip] [1CF6699A].mkv (1.3 GiB)
Cool raw (?) No joke though, I know what went thru this and it's quite the nice job.
nice but does that mean you removes the credits telling you who worked on the episode ?? :spit:
He estado siguiendo este proyecto desde que vi tus tuits sobre el color de la serie; un cambio BASTANTE notable, ¡pero en el buen sentido, ojo! ¿Hay algún servidor de Discord u otra vía por donde estemos al tanto de futuras actualizaciones?
Avc 10bits meme.
@ScreenRant DragsterPS's
LOVE the colors. If this was my project, I would not use the creditless ending. Just the opening. I miss the credits on the ending.
This is some good work for sure, I did something similar with the colors etc.. back when the BD was released but gave up because of the OP/EDs dilemma, but now that we know that the US BD is going to have the OG OPs/EDs I hope Fabrebatalla18 can encode everything this way.
In my opinion, if I were to use your encode as the video for a fansubbing project, I would prefer the original OP and ED, I mean, with the credits. I'm not a fan of using the creditless in the episodes, I'd include them as extras. And about the video, looks good, and the color correction seems on point for me. Hope you continue this.
Can you please encode NCOP/ED of pocket monsters TOS, AG, DP, BW, XY?
can you please rip Hakkenden 1954 pentaology Japanese film series raw from MIRAIL VOD? They're available at https://mirail.video/title/0720335 Otherwise there are only vhs quality hardsubbed rips :(
Hey, sorry to ask that here, but I know you've been working with Quazza on a DC release. Could you please contact him to ask him if he could seed his 5 parts DC R2J DVD ? He left his discord username but I can't find him...