[Z4ST1N] Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan - 03 (Uncensored) [AoD+AT-X][1080p Hi10P AAC]

2020-07-27 20:05 UTC
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And 3 revised encodes later, we've finally got episode 3. Man what a shitshow these dark scenes are. If you've been waiting for BDs to watch this one, you made the right choice (not that I'm planning on doing them) Ep. 4 will be faster now that I have the process down, lets say about 24 hours earlier.

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  • [Z4ST1N] Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan - 03 [A3734172].mkv (904.0 MiB)

Zastin (uploader)

give it time, dropping at ep 3 wouldn't be disappointing enough
dropping at ep 6 is a good number
Encoding isn't an important part of the fansubbing process anyway.
dropped after ep4.
As a dropping man, I think the best is dropping at ep 6
i've been waiting for this, Ty verry much.
The best drop is at Ep7. People expect you to drop at Ep6, so if you surpass that and then drop right after, they'll get whiplash
Light missed the mark with Babylonia, eh...
:thinking: ![](https://i.imgur.com/95dNbnp.png)
\>fansubbing quickly \>2020
that's my point. can't drop it at ep7 now Light.
This show isn't particularly innovative-let's see, a human fucking various species of non humans (ogres, elves, etc.). Plenty of tits, butts, fairly graphical sex scenes-where have I seen this before? Wait, I remember-Interspecies Reviewers!!
nobody cares about fate Keep up the good work here god gamer zastin
Thank you ♥❤?❤️??