[DameDesuYo] ReZero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Season 2) - 26 (1280x720 10bit EAC3) [357AFC64].mkv

2020-07-24 02:50 UTC
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Sorry for the delay on this. I've been taking care of my little brother through coronavirus-quarantine, so I prioritized that over subs. We hope to get caught up before episode 4, but don't expect any new releases before Monday. Come hang out in our Discord [here](https://discord.gg/awe8sFF). We’re hiring! We’re in need of skilled fansubbers, especially Typesetters. [Click here to apply!](http://damedesuyo.com/?page_id=101) Reminder: if you find problems with one of our releases, please let us know if we need to v2 or just help with batching. [PUBLIC QC](http://damedesuyo.com/?page_id=1873).

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  • [DameDesuYo] ReZero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Season 2) - 26 (1280x720 10bit EAC3) [357AFC64].mkv (221.6 MiB)
Take care of the shota first. Thanks!
take your time. thx for the share. much appreciated.
@omnipotent500 Most likely because the show is mastered closer to or at 720p that there's no point for 1080p. You can just use something like madVR to get pretty much similar results when watching the video with 1080p upscaling.
Yeah, it's a native 720p show. Just use mpv+fsrcnnx to scale it.
no wonder the release was slow af and the discord didnt gave any info
Thank you. I can finally start this. I refuse to watch anything subbed by HS.
Thanks so much!
Arigathanks and stay safe guys

DameDesuYo (uploader)

@owowo - welcome to whitefox, where your options are banding or detail loss or some in-between. Is what it is.
Fuck yeah, I believed and they delivered. I've been watching the show from you since your weekly release of S1, I had already decided to not watch S2 from anywhere but you guys. Can't thank you enough, and take all the time you need to release the rest. Much love <3
Thanks DDY. But disappointed by the quality of episode itself. Mediocre. Scenes butchered by mediocrity. I don't want to sound like that guy who always goes SOURCE>>>ADAPTATION, but read the WN if you have time. Can't comment on the LN since I haven't read it. Otherwise, I just hope the later episodes gets better.
Thanks for this, its great
@Endless8 horriblesubs are fine you ungrateful negroid. when u want to fight about it IRL?? too busy watching cartoons for little jap girls like a faggot? thought so
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@aryanma thank u fellow white bro
fuckin finally daDDY! thanks


Thank you very much :DDD
Thank you! But take care of your family and yourself first!


Doing gods work.