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2020-07-22 14:39 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - 28 [1080p].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Is it just me or does Emilia call Ram "Rem" in this one? I can't see any story-based reason, so it's just like a strange recording error they left in somehow.
@soidical hs is bad fansubs
@_Edge_ I'm talking about the original audio, not the subs
@Soidical On what minute? I watch raw on japanese always will check for you but im pretty sure you are misshearing it.
@seisui, 14:15 - I definitely hear "re" not "ra," but it's no big deal, just took me out of the moment for a sec, because I thought I missed some plot point or something
@Soidical i still hear "ramu" she slurps abit just, those micro differences are easy to notice after thousands hours of japanese "Kappa"
@seisui, while your boasting is pretty amusing, your "qualifications" are pretty common here. Emilia's VA delivered the simple line pretty clearly, so I don't know what you mean by "slurps abit," In any case, if you listen to any other VA say Ram's name (even Ram's VA, herself), they use a regular japanese "a" sound that sounds completely different Takahashi's take here. It's either a mistake or an attempt at a westernized pronunciation that doesn't match up.
why this shit still airing?
@soldical Well lets wait for japanese subs then if you dont believe me tbh even i started to doubt now.
@Soidical I was also wondering about that. I watched the episode before reading your comment and thought it was weird as well
Garfiel looks like a chad Subaru *~*
Who the fuck that's completed over 500 series doesn't speak Japanese? I only download subs for when I miss super technical words
Rowan i miss you :'(
I completed almost 1k TV series and still don't speak....not even close.
@Soidical Here full sentence its definetly was ラム(ramu) https://imgur.com/a/jXIZFC6 even japanese people think so http://anicobin.ldblog.jp/archives/57000482.html Just like i said first time, it wasnt mistake you just all mishearing it cuz you in the end all watching with eng subtitles and dont really focus on what bein said (im not trying to fucking offend you all here i just said what i heard, yes she says it abit weird not super clearly)
seisui, haha. I thought you might have been joking about using a Japanese subtitle as proof before, but this guy was serious. lol. look, if a mistake was made, they're not going to model subtitles that go against the writing of the story - that would be downright retarded. even funnier is that with the name in the line being preceded by "nee," and the following line including several words that use "a," you get an extremely easy reference for what the VA sounds like when speaking those vowels but the real comedic kicker is this nonsensical "you misheard because you read subtitles" idiocy, because even if we forget that you're listening to raw audio either way and if you're reading the subs from the release you're getting what the line _should_ have sounded like, my eyes weren't even on the screen during this scene until I had to stop what I was doing to replay it.
Little did i know when was starting this. @Soidical It should be obvious for everyone who watch raw and understand japanese that she is saying "ramu" I dont understand why we even need to argue about it. its kinda retarted that people who watch it with eng subtitles and barely understand japanese tryin to explain something "how it should should" "because i hear it like that" im out goin to kms.
Japanese here, clearly saying ラム (Ramu)。
nice larp japan faggots none of you are ching chong slanty eyed and you know it stop fucking pretending
seisui, again, these awkward and meaningless boasts are killing me with laughter here. Honestly, I wouldn't have even bothered putting any effort into this if it wasn't for your misplaced and amusing attempt at elitism. I'm an audiophile, and instead of trying to use familiarity with the language, you _should_ have been trying to convince me with some kind of professional audio playback setup, because _that_ and your hearing proficiency matters more here. This is a clip of Takahashi saying Ram's name _correctly_ back in season one, followed by the current episode's pronunciation, and a pronunciation of "Rem" from ep. 26: https://soundcloud.com/user-957290344/theyretwinsthatswhy If you're still going to tell me the middle clip sounds more like the first than the last, I'd tell you to get your hearing checked.
> ching chong slanty eyed Last I checked that was for the chinese. When was the change enacted and when can I join back the racist council so I am kept in the know ?
that definitely is Rem unless there are more ways of saying 'a' in Japanese which im ofc unaware of. man the wait for doki is killing me. maybe I should just give in.
@Soidical You are the only one who acting like asshole who needs some reality check, how your audiophile claim gonna help you if you cant even understand japanese and not used to it sounds? Maybe you havent noticed but even native speaker pointed out which not enough for you? said that its ”ラム” which should be obvious for everyone who understands japanese. Or what they dont have good dac/amp and some planar with golden cables? btw about that clip yeah middle "ramu" is not super clear and i see how it can confuse some people but its still "ramu" sorry. Im stopping answering since no matter what your type of person never gonna admit that you are wrong cya.
@RoxReaper dont be a greedy bigot. spread the racial slur love around
うるさいですね。。。 (゚∀゚)
seisui, wow, do you really think non-English speakers are completely unable to distinguish between different English vowel sounds that exist in their own language, too? Your continued appeals to your own arrogance aside, her speech in that clip is _very_ clear - no slurring, no vocal obstructions, and no background distortions - this is just you reaching. I was just pointing out an apparent misread that they left in, but your fallacies made this much more entertaining. (P.S. I studied Japanese formally for two years, prior to ever getting into anime, and while I never was completely fluent and ended up using subtitles as a crutch for unknown vocabulary and rarer dialects, the basic phonetics have always been easy for me - but again, this much is irrelevant, because you don't need any fluency to distinguish between substantially different vowel sounds in any language).
@Soidical Also audiophile here. Equipment used: Etymotic ER4XR. and i looked at your soundcloud, it still proves you are wrong ww
shoui520, so, you just have bad hearing then? Troll if you want, it doesn't magically create an "a" sound where it doesn't exist. You can go even further to isolate just the "e" from this episode's delivery and it becomes virtually indistinguishable from any other of isolation of Takahashi's use of "e." This is hilariously moot at this point.
Haha alright, I'll admit it. The sound of the S2 clip is not exactly the same as the scene in S1. But it isn't exactly the same as "レム" either, I think Remu being on the screen is what made me think it's saying ラム. I don't think any of us are right here, it's in between. And no, I have perfect hearing. I don't know why you think people that use Etymotic's have bad hearing but ok. And yes this was my attempt at elitism over people that use English subs, better luck next time I guess haha
@shouifaggot420 ur using https://www.amazon.com/Etymotic-Fidelity-Earplugs-ETY-Plugs-Standard/dp/B0044DEESS and thats why u cant hear shit u stupid fuck goddamn that is fuckin dumb kill yourself lmao did u steal them thinking they were real headphoness? jappy wannabes are cringe af
Sounds like Rem to me. Probably a screwup. Also saw some japs in twitter and futaba (don't think ftbucket has the archive anymore) wondering if she said Rem. You can look for the twitter one if you search for レムって言った or something of the sorts. Also don't fucking larp as a jap if you're clueless, it's painfully obvious and sometimes they make mistakes in production. Even in fucking music you have (actually in any language, including spanish, english, japanese, french, which are ones I know of) people wondering what the fuck someone said.