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  • [GuodongSubs][The Daily Life of the Immortal King][Xian Wang De Ri Chang Sheng Huo][01-16 Fin][English][WEBRIP 1080P HEVC OPUS MKV]
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Is It Multi Audio?
vas1029: no, english subtitles, chinese audio thanks Guodongsubs :)
Thank you very much 🌹


Is episode 16 a duplicate?
D44: remake episode (episode 10 remake)
@krigin what do you mean remake? did they alter some scenes?
@lafter: I nerded it up hardcore and did a side-by-side. I reaaalllly wanted to know. So "EP:16" aka remake EP:10, is missing about 5 minutes of flashbacks (back story) of the evil bitch that kills Sūn Róng and her master when she was younger. Also instead of her master blowing himself up, Cultivator Zhuo ties the old dude to the crucifix and raises him via the rope. That's it.
@TechChef so what was the point of removing that extra 5 mins and why was the old dude tied instead of showing the fight? Was ep 16 an original creation of the studio? Spoiler: also at the last scene of episode 15, mc was talking about going back in time, but nothing, after that was shown so, does episode 16 actually exist?
The last episode (Ep 16) is a Special named "Drive! Drive! Drive!" where he goes back in time like mentioned in season.
i guess i wasn't paying enough attention while watching this, because "episode 16" threw me off too. SPOILER ALERT! after the events of episode 15, the protagonist uses all of his power to change the past, but just as he did before, he didn't fully realize it right away. that's why he had to go back so far, to notice the importance in advance, so he didn't just sit there tied up when the old man attacked Sun Rong, leaving her drained and ultimately incapacitated in her bodyguard's arms. you'll notice the difference right around 15 minutes in, where he rolls things back and does it differently, which leaves Sun Rong in better shape for the competition the next day. now, why he didn't just go and take out the "sexy old lady" disguised as a student before the competition, i'll never know, but perhaps even HIS powers were not enough to allow him to remember such things. all in all, other than that change, things progressed the same, and no other details are given afterwards, but presumably that single change was enough to save the girl later? dunno. seems kinda cheap. perhaps that's why there was no second season. oh, also, it makes MORE sense if you saw the secret bit after the credits of episode 15...