[HorribleSubs] The God of High School - 01 [1080p].mkv

2020-07-06 20:24 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] The God of High School - 01 [1080p].mkv (1.3 GiB)
best anime of this season or maybe this year
not great, but better then expected for sure
"best anime of this season or maybe this year" after just one episode? makes you wonder how bad is/was the rest
why do they have tumblr noses?
Ok. The only thing that REALLY gets is the goddamn NOSES AND EARS. WTF IS UP WITH THAT????
probably the worst first episodes i have ever seen


Lets hope for the best
crunchyroll, following netflix in the quest to slap their label onto random Korean shit and call it anime
bike is justice!
well it's herE -_- A wetoon ! Let's hope solo leveling gets an anime adaptation before we die
gotta love all these people complaining about the origin of this new content that isn't the same moe garbage over and over. I've seen what a bunch of you degenerates consider "good" and it's disgusting loli moe shit. Why are there so many pedos here?
The hypocrisy is huge here ... Saying "worst first episode ever" LMAO This is technically better produced than 90% of anime coming out this year ... Saying it's bad, even tho the animation was just insane, and the overall production seem to be solid ... Seem like some of you are really salty ...
Japan is fucking doomed........ Lost WWII and Hirohito cucked out....... Losing their people b/c their younger generation jacks off to anime and won't procreate because working 80 hours a week > having a life........... Live TV senseless reprobate mindless garbage, anime following quick with the isekai meme and now everything is a cheaper rehash of older content......... selling out to multinational companies............. adapting inferior gookshit stories because Japanese men are too busy masturbating to idolmaster in a shitshack in the woods than creating masterpieces........ is this the end bros? The western world is done, the eastern world that mattere(d) is done (Japan)........ *ssssiiipppppppppp*
Rowan mate, get a life lol
Can someone please answer this? Back in the day, HorribleSubs' releases used to be smaller; 720p was about 320 MB, whereas 1080p was about 540 MB. Nowadays, however, 720p is around 650 MB, whereas 1080p is around 1.4 GB. What has changed?
Daily reminder that Koreanshit isn't anime.
> Daily reminder that Koreanshit *isn’t anime*. > "Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from **Japan**." > The God of High School studio: MAPPA > MAPPA Co., Ltd. is a **Japanese** animation studio established on June 14, 2011, by Masao Maruyama, a founder and former producer of Madhouse. Anime - hand-drawn animation originating from **Japan** The God of High School studio - MAPPA **Japanese** animation studio What kind of **nonsense** does your fingers type @Mykse?
If the Original story isn't made by a Jap it isn't an Anime. No matter if its Korean, some westerner or someone else.
cant speak for the others, but i hated the episode, and not because its a webtoon. genuinely disliked the character design+writing. and if having better production than 90% of the shows automatically makes a show better, you might more deluded then these 'japanese anime' only's. also good animation is pretty much worthless without good direction, and if you have an attention span of a 12 year old who required flashy things happening on the screen to keep you fixated, go ahead and watch this mate.
> If the Original story isn’t made by a Jap it isn’t an Anime. No matter if its Korean, some westerner or someone else. No Game No Life was written by a **Brazilian-born** Japanese novelist so does that mean that No Game No Life is only **half** anime?
lots of anime is based off of foreign shit tho?????
oh my god, who cares where it came from! Stop over analyzing things and just fucking enjoy the new content. this is insane that you losers have to debate over the country of origin instead of just enjoying the NOT MOE TRASH that we are finally getting. if you're so mad about something not being the same anime different clothes, go somewhere else and stop clicking on things you don't like.
What's with this hate? Geez. Just stop. All of you are overreacting for no reason.
the size is high but the quality shit