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2020-07-06 14:41 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] The God of High School - 01 [720p].mkv (698.2 MiB)
Get ready for the newest overhyped show that'll end up being as mid as most animes this season!
Nah, this one got potential. Hoping it'll live up to the webtoons.
Too bad the opening is hot garbage.
Its actually good? didnt expect that =)
yeah no 1080p no full hd :C
>korean Is this gonna turn out as garbage as tower of god did
where tf is 1080
I guess this is another Real Bout High School or Tenjou Tenge? I'll give it a shot but not hoping for much, these types of premises usually disappoint.
>manhwa again? >not even story >Narutard-tier artwork by MAPPA passed
Tournament Arc - The Animation
Not sure if I can dig this one. Animation is great, but nothing seems to make sense. Am I old?
@wiegert They skipped 4 of the first 5 chapters more or less where the characters are introduced and shit is explained. Also seems like theyre combining the first 2 day tournament into 1 day so a few more chapters that were between those will likely be skipped. Like tower of god theyre just making cuts and changes for no real reason as far as I can tell idk why these webtoon adapts keep doing this Not that it matters for this one, as someone who reads and watches a lot of trash even I dropped this webtoon like 20%~ in when I tried to read it cause the actual writing and story outside the fights is just absolutely terrible
@Nightwizard Well it's Crunchyroll experimenting with anime, this was bound to happen. We had years untill studios an committee figuring out how to adapt something properly, guess Crunchy will have to learn it as well...
Everyone looks like heavy drinker with those red noses.
ever since the 1st Garo animation i've been following every show MAPPA develops. even Sarazanmai, this one was weird.
If they're going to do webtoons, what's keeping them from just doing the easiest one to adapt; Unordinary? Unordinary has a much quicker pace and a fairly tight character driven narrative without as much bloat as TOG, and apparently god of high school is pretty trash. I'd die if they adapted The World Where I Belong, as that's an actually good webtoon with real drama and stakes, but unfortunately real life issues (Suicide) are too hard to get people to read.
2020, where anime can be bad as long as it's just better than 90 percent of whatever else was produced in a year. Let's be honest lads, since 2015 we've gotten less than 10 good anime
OK, let's at least admit this is way better than 99.9% of isekai loli moe harem trash that is churned out by the Japanese. I'm not saying Koreans are not guilty of making the same type of stories, but usually those are the most watched of every season and they're patheticly getting unoriginal after a while of this trend since SAO. And Thanks crunchyroll for bringing something a bit more tasteful to the frontline and giving Koreans and Japanese more opportunities to collaborate. I loved Tower of God's artstyle, and I like the style of this show now. My opinion.
"isekai loli moe harem" Those are all the best anime though
This season has more Chinese animation than any other season. It looks like the Chinese are opening more of their animation and media companies on Japanese soil for that "Made in Japan" cachet.