[Lain32] Devil Hunter Yohko ~ Super Music Clip [TLL-2445] (LD 480i)

2020-07-06 01:23 UTC
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### Devil Hunter Yohko ~ Super Music Clip [TLL-2445] スーパー・ミュージック・クリップ / Mamono Hunter Yohko Super Music Clip ![Cover](https://cdn.suruga-ya.jp/database/pics/game/122001218.jpg "LD") #### Publisher: TOHO Video #### Format: LaserDisc, NTSC, Japanese Dialogue #### Length: ~28 minutes #### Original Release Date: ??? #### Animation Exclusive to this Release: Yes/Maybe #### English Subs needed, Japanese only. -------- #### Made by using a DVL-H9 & Sony BDZ-X95 BD Recorder ![Video](https://i.postimg.cc/KcjnWBNC/Mamono-Hunter-Yohko-Super-Music-Clip-LD-480p-Lain32-mkv-thumbs.png "LD Pics")

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  • Mamono Hunter Yohko ~ Super Music Clip (LD 480p)[Lain32].mkv (474.7 MiB)
Thanks a lot!
Possible to share the lossless version? Just comparing it to the R2 DVD of this seems the color are a bit better on the LD. Please share anymore of this series if got any. Seems you forgot to deinterlace it if wanted to keep it at 29.970 fps. Noticed it when using LAV Video and forgot to turn on my Deinterlace Mode setting to auto.

lain32 (uploader)

@noZA_ Your right it's in 480i no 480p, my bad. I need to get a better way to deinterlace or better settings. I have it on a BD-R, just need to find it.
Sorry for the late reply. If you're using AviSynth (I'm assuming you are using a gui like MeGUI) and want to keep the fps at 29.970 fps try this script: **`LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\AviSynth\plugins\yadifmod2.dll")`** **`yadifmod2(order=1)`** http://avisynth.nl/index.php/Yadifmod2 ___ If you want to deinterlace it to 23.976 fps **`LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\AviSynth\plugins\TIVTC.dll")`** Two choices here (for me on some sources sometimes mode=1 was better) **`tfm(slow=2,order=1).tdecimate(mode=0)`** **`tfm(slow=2,order=1).tdecimate(mode=1)`** http://avisynth.nl/index.php/TIVTC ___ If by some chance neither look good may have to resort to using http://avisynth.nl/index.php/QTGMC which is not easy if new to encoding with filters. Just note tho if you're using some program like Handbrake I think you have to make sure it's using either of the above and actually deinterlaces it by checking the video once it's done.
Share lossless ver. Please. This needs preserving at max. Quality