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And now we’re down to none?: Ninku 55 720p Blu-Ray release by Soldado and Saizen. Visit us at #Soldado-Subs@irc.rizon.net and #Saizen@irc.rizon.net. And now for the fansubbing staff credits. Staff Credits: Translators: ronahn (26-32), Eternal_Blizzard* (33-50), convexity (33+), tenkenX6 (43) Translation Checkers: convexity (26-31, 33-50), tenkenX6 (43) Song Translations: chichiri(OP, ED 1 *DB), convexity (ED 2, ED 3), Mori (Insert in ep 39) Editors: pheon18 (26-30), Eternal_Blizzard (31+) Timer: Eternal_Blizzard Typesetters: zegond (26-30 DVD), Eternal_Blizzard Encoder: Eternal_Blizzard Quality Checkers: Ashur (26), CP (26-30)(RIP), sangofe (26-28, 31-32), Collectr (29+), pheon18 (31-32), konnakude (26-31), bananadoyouwanna(33+), E_B Karaoke Styler: Shujin0 P.S: We have one more thing left to do, and that is the Drama CD, which will be released along with the final definitive batch, so stay tuned.

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Nice! Can't wait for the batch.
Thanks for doing this old series !
I can't thank you enough for this!
Thank you so much guys!
SO EXCITED!! Ninku is finally available fully in English!! SolZen THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Your efforts are much appreciated.
This is awesome. Finally !! The main arc ended a while ago but the story could go on forever. Can't wait for Drama CD + Batch !
thanks a lot for your time and dedication
Waiting for batch :) Appreciate this!!
Just in time. I've started translating this to Brazilian Portuguese back in August 2nd, 2015, that was the first episode I ever released. Now I'll have enough time to translate these two and release the complete series on the fansub 5-year anniversary.
Thanks for finishing this guys ! Appreciate the hard work.
movie - What are we going do now? ninku 55 - Guess how we're back traveling the skies with my beloved Hinden-chan!
It's been 10 months, no batch :(