Naruto Shippudden/Shippuuden Ultimate English Subtitles Batch

2020-07-03 06:42 UTC
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These are all the Naruto Shippuuden subtitles I have collected over the past years. Some are in .zip, some in folders, and some are in simply .ass files. Most of these came straight from Animetosho. - Shout out to all the NS fansubs group for their hard work. - If u got NS subs that aren't in here please share them - Please seed ppl! ![Image](

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Thanks so much for this! Do you know if there are groups who worked the 220 episodes Naruto?

X-Cho-X (uploader)

@zMega there r no groups that are softsubs, the only subs for naruto is either CR or from Viz Media DVD which are the same.
This is awesome thank you, just wondering though do these subs work right away with the series or will I have to do some fixing up to get them to sync properly?

X-Cho-X (uploader)

Depends on what source ur trying to watch it with.
Thank you so much!
@X-Cho-X Are You nks ??? if not shame that he didn't do 386-500 naruto in style of Kurama/Taka & One Piece in style of Yibis not to mention DB Super from DBNL group. THANKS FOR THAT
Do you plan to put NKS styled (Kurama copy) subs into Your rlses? That would be great! Some other guy also uploaded own Kurama styled fonts here on NotWCP & Hatsuyuki: +