[PPP-Raw] Love Position - The Legend of Halley

2020-07-01 21:39 UTC
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Piyo-Piyo Productions presents: Love Position – The Legend of Halley 7/1/20 https://www.otakubell.com/ https://anidb.net/anime/3622 Project Pipeline: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Kn1CpiTGbjW3zO6TfLTw21ZayYqdHbJoWUsNw2ETh8A/edit?usp=sharing Source: Laserdisc Everything PPP-Raw releases is from laserdisc source. At the time of ripping, no DVD, Bluray, or official digital souce is known to exist (or is of poor quality). Domesday Edition: This was captured using a Domesday Duplicator. You can read all about the Domeday Duplicator project at https://www.domesday86.com/?page_id=978. Project notes: This is a pretty cool little movie, but I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about that here. Instead, I’m going to tell you a story about the disc itself. [WARNING: Old Man Story Mode has been activated] I used to be a bit of a laserdisc autograph hound at conventions. One year, Hiromi Matsushita was a guest at one of the conventions I was going to (Otakon 2008). He did some of the character designs on The Legend of Halley, so I brought that disc to get signed. After a very long wait in line, I get to the autograph table, and there he is, with his wife, Kazuko Tadano, who is busy signing some Sailor Moon stuff for someone else. I hand over the laserdisc, and his eyebrows go up. “Oy, Kazuko...” he says. “Enh?” she says, still busy signing. “Mite,” he says. So she stops and mites. And then she made a noise kinda along the lines of “GLAAAGH!” Mr Matsushita asked me, through his translators, where I had gotten that disc, and I had to say I didn’t remember, because I really don’t. But I really liked it, I told him. So, he signed it. I also got both of them to sign my Sailor Moon R movie disc while I was at it. [Old Man Story Mode: Disengaged] Like many older discs, this disc does not have either chapter markings nor a digital soundtrack. The disc is otherwise in good condition though, and was fairly well mastered, just some jitter to deal with. Unfiltered high bitrate DVD conversion included for archival purposes.

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Love your story man ! Hope to see it with subtile
The subs for it are here: https://mirror.animetosho.org/view/macross2012-love-position-ld-640x480-3e6a6d7a-mkv.927166
Oh thanks ! Just asking, do you have the LD of Detective Conan ?
I love Laserdisc releases. Thank you!

toynbeeidea (uploader)

@chuby No Detective Conan discs, sorry. There's a pretty good chance that Orphan will re-sub this from my rip. Or maybe someone will beat them to it. But probably they'll handle it. If you want to make the process go a little faster, check https://collectr.blogspot.com/2020/01/status-2020.html to see if you can help out.
@toynbeeidea, Do you know if Bavi Stock II laserdisc exists?

toynbeeidea (uploader)

@AlvoErrado2 To the best of my knowledge it does not, but you can always check on lddb.com.