[DmonHiro] Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki IV (BD, 720p)

2020-06-29 01:47 UTC
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![image](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-06XH_GLX26M/XvlIReA6EdI/AAAAAAAACVo/rwDYqN3BCU4q4yOzkUyqpbPY8zNBgVK7wCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/01%2B-%2BThe%2BDay%2BBefore%2BThe%2BParty.mkv_snapshot_28.39.796.png) You're probably wondering why there's no description for this torrent. It's because I have nothing to fucking describe. I am a huge fan of the first 2 seasons on Ryo-Ohki. It was one of the first harem shows I watched, and it looked pretty damn good. I still fondly remember the battle against Kagato, and the interaction between Ryoko and Aeka in the hotspring was hilarious. Season 3 was a letdown, but at least stuff happened there. At least the story progressed. In this season? Nothing fucking happens. I don't even know half these new people. Apparently you're supposed to be familiar with the spin-off: War On Geminar and GXP. So yeah, the story is not self-contained anymore. And nothing happens. See the image above? That's my face during this show. I can't even do a video preview because the show has no opening, and as for a clip.... a clip of what? Them standing around? Oh, there's a huge bathing scene in episode 4 probably for no other reason then to have something, ANYTHING, memorable in the show. And I still didn't because the original characters weren't even IN IT. Hell, I doubt that Aeka, Ryoko, Sasami and Mihoshi are in this for more then 10 minutes. So why am I uploading it? Because I already encoded it. Maybe someone still wants it. Oh, and the 5th season is worse. Fuck this. **Series rating 2/10** One point for being a part of the Tenchi franchise. 1 more point for.... I don't know. Being this boring is worse then being bad. I can laugh at bad. I can accept bad. This is just painful. Oh yeah, subs from CR. https://anidb.net/anime/11715 Question: Would you slog through a 5th season? Guess I would, cause I watched the 1st episode of season 5. It is not better.

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  • [DmonHiro] Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki IV (BD, 720p)
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So.... if you that fond of Se1 to 3.... How about uploading them too? ;D

DmonHiro (uploader)

I might dig them up at some point.
The only thing I got from this whole thing when I watched it before was it was setting up for the War on Geminar series, and had ties to GXP, which was to be expected. Honestly, like you DmonHiro, I enjoyed the hell outta the original OVA series (It started it all as far as Tenchi series, and was one of my first Harem series), even the movies and some of the specials weren't bad, Universe was so-so....Tenchi in Tokyo.....what's that.....never heard of it (shoots random idjit for mentioning it, buries body, whistles randomly while hoping nobody paid attention) The third OVA was kinda amusing, more about adding another member to his Harem, while this was.....I'm surprised they haven't found some way to incorporate Dual Parallel Adventure in yet!That would make me sad though, as it would really cheapen both....but I digress.....
I always wanted to watch this franchise, but I don't where to start and how to go on about it. Any one might enlighten me? And while at it, best available versions as well please?
At the end of season 3 you have the big explanation. You may like it or not, but at least you have one. That's (for me) the biggest interest on the third season. Also myself disapointed by S4, even if i know both GXP and Geminar. But the "suprise" with the new stepmother for Tenchi is a little hard to swallow... How convenient ! You have the feeling that scenarists searched a way to link the spin-off, and suddenly someone pops with a convenient idea...
I have to say War on Geminar series was very good I wish there was a second season but maybe with Tenchi and possibly Ryoko too..
Well, I certainly wouldn't give it a 2/10. More a 5/10 for me. It ties everything Tenchi related rather nicely together, but they throw so many names and characters at you over the course of these 4 episodes that you have to wiki them to actually make sense of who's being discussed. Action or comedy wise, it's lacking, rather disappointingly so. In each case, Thanks Dmon. I didn't even know there was a 4th and 5th season. And I second the desire to get S3 by yours truly if you have the time. The version I have is rather poor in quality (ED 480p)
Tenchi Muyo Goodness :)
S3 was during the digital transition production on the begining of 2000. Master is not film anymore, but digital, and very likely to be on the resolution of the time => SD...
S4 seemed more like a dissection of Masaki Village and its residents. Who's related to who, the pecking order from top to bottom. It seemed rather comical to hear them talk about the Masaki Women's Counsel. I a real sense they would all be dangerous women to cross. The way they talked about Kenchi like he's a vibrator they all want to break in. Tenchi is protected by his harem and Seina was sold off to 8 wives. All in all it was definitely Tenchi Muyo Goodness like Soma Heir noted. I never get tired of watching Tenchi, even if it's the 50th or 100th time. That's how true Anime is. The reason the word "true" is used stems from the last several years of new shows. An increasing number of Pseudo Anime (shows watched one time with no desire to ever watch them again.). They don't have any the substance to make you want to watch it over and over. It's present in most shows up to not long ago. Ever since funi set up shop in Japan and started making their own Anime on top of licensing as many as they possibly can dumping loads of money in order to gain production decision rights in the Anime houses that create the new shows. Anime suffers as a whole instead of it being subtitles only as they continue getting crammed full of errors. @Tehe If your looking where to start. You should go to the Anime Data Base [AniDB.com]. There's more than one way to enjoy all of Tenchi!.
I'm going to throw a 7/10. It's sad we didn't get to see any combat, since this series always made the combat so fun to watch. But seeing as I've watched every series (Yes, including the Sasami ones....oh boy....) I know all the characters. There was not a single character I had to wiki because I remember them from another series. Some were introduced in Tenchi GXP, others were referred to in the various Ryo-ohki seasons so rather than an introduction to these characters, it was simply going into more depth with them. And that's what I've always loved about Tenchi, even minor roled characters are fleshed out and the universe actually feels lived in rather the characters are just their for the sake of the main characters. Still a bit bothered by the huge number of cradle robbing the women in this series tend to love doing though lol. Nobu.....you destroyed my pride in this series' men by doing the same with Rea. And wow, the subtle NTR he did to Tenchi....wasn't expecting that. All in all, I had fun watching it had everything I loved from the slice of life aspects of the show and character building.

DmonHiro (uploader)

@NetGhost: The problem you describe is caused by, in my opinion, too much anime. Nowadays they churn out series by the dozens, but most of them are disposable. Almost nobody takes time to craft something memorable.