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2020-06-24 14:35 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Tower of God - 13 [1080p].mkv (1.3 GiB)
The below comment is spoilery: FUCK YOU RACHEL YOU FUCKING BITCH
I don't blame her, Bam is such a drag around her.
Brilliantly done, so much better than I thought they could manage. Who could possibly not care what happens next?
^Man, this was beyond awesome... I have no words.. ^really, who could possibly not care what happens next?
What a shit show LOL. Thanks for the upload though.
@Weebdash Then why watch and waste time commenting here go and watch some awesome show which you feel is better than SHIT.
the best anime after avatar the last airbender
Is there any plans for S2?
if you don't like it then you are rasict
"If you don't like it don't watch it" the fuck? I thought it was interesting the first 4 episodes but then it just went downhill with little to nothing happening each episode with just one cliffhanger after the other and continuing the same pace each episode. Each episode just have a highpoint in the first 5 minutes and then deadtime for 10 minutes for another highpoint for 5 mintes and that's it. Also you have to watch shit shows so you can appreciate good shows, the way they handled this story was so fucking shite "S02 will be better we promise" Yeyeye good luck with that. Feels like another MHA release that will just shit out new seasons with extremely low effort. Other than the story and characters I actually really liked the artstyle they went with. The argument of "Don't like it don't watch it or complain about it" is such a burger mentality.
You are correct Weebdash and when that guy says "the best anime after avatar the last airbender" he's just throwing out baits because he knows the show wasn't very good or memorable. Memorable shows are Haruhi, Code Geass, etc., which are deeply flawed but enjoyable and impressionable and which stand well after a decade.You can tell from people who put girls who aren't best girl as their pic. It will be forgotten in a season or less, thank God this season is over and we get Re:Zero at the least, which is watchable garbage. Unfortunately I dropped every show this season, but my backlog is pretty big ;-) It's a bit smaller now.
Rowan i can tell by that smiley you're a 29 year old neckbeard
I really love how a certain guy hates the show so much and says that he does not even download it(thinking emoji). Then he says that he does not even bother remembering the other guys watching that show, here on Nyaa. However, irony is that he comes every time right here when a new episode airs to give his thoughts and 'feel elated' that people are discussing (discuss is probably the wrong word, lol) about him. "Stupidity is not a crime. So you are free to go." - A quote by our beloved TOG critic.
Just here to say I dropped this hot turd halfway through the first episode, but this here comments section is the only thing I've stuck through to the end for Spring 2020. Thanks to all the production staff and I can't wait to see what thrills the S2 comments bring!
Gator lives matter! If you are against S2, then you're rasict.
Reminds me of how Rem felt about Ram's horn in episode 11 of Re:Zero.
the irony is I actually left for weeks and didn't even comment, based retard
a season so shit that this gookshit ended up being aots. it was fun hopefully s2, a break from all the usual tropes was actually appreciated
In the comments for episode 10 you stated: "I’ll always be there whenever you read or watch this garbage, or think of it, or when they release season 2" - Rowan I thought you were planning to continue commenting when s2 comes? Also, you seem uninterested in continuing to comment as stated here: "the irony is I actually left for weeks and didn’t even comment, based retard(.)" - Rowan Would you be willing to clarify your stance on whether or not you will continue to comment on these threads to bring peace of mind to your fans?
@Bigair80 you also get it, ri8? People say that they did not even come in weeks and yet reply to my comment within one day. LOL Me to that guy: Looks like you have got some Okabe Rintarou shit going within you. Stop it, get some help...(smiling nigga)
dammit im late again rowan-kyun i missed your appearance :^(