[Pizza] Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katri no Nazotoki File - 01v2 [BD 1080p][x264][Opus 2.0]

2020-06-22 14:11 UTC
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Source: JPBD on U2 ([Comparison](https://slow.pics/c/w3jTmqMI)) Audio: jpn, Opus 2.0 @160kbps Subs: eng, Saizen (re-timed and edited by me) This v2 features rescaling, scenefiltering and delocalized subs not present in v1. Additionally I found that my deband obliterated select textures which were too faint to be easily masked, so I changed to scenefiltering instead of my previous one-size-fits-all approach. To prevent the dither from being erased during the encoding process, I added adaptive grain to protect it, allowing me to increase the CRF and thus lower the filesize quite a bit. Additionally, I changed from AAC LC to Opus upon recommendation. Edits to the subs include fixing typos and missing words from the original script, as well as light to heavy delocalization depending on the character and context. When a character uses a honorific to adress someone, I found it appropriate to keep it as the Mr./Miss present in the Saizen script, reflecting the politeness and distance between the characters. When it comes to Inspector Aspoiro, he drops those honorifics and takes up a more familiar tone, so I kept it to first names when he speaks (or when Katry teases/addresses him). Other than that I tried to keep it as posh as possible without making the text indecipherable to non-brits (for I am not one either). It fits the setting and frankly I find it to be more amusing that way. I also switched to the japanese names instead of the game translation names. Huge thanks to Koopz for letting me use his server to host my encodes, as well as to those who have helped me with suggestions. Since the main script is properly set up now, you can expect a new episode every two days or so, unless something goes wrong while transitioning between the different sub groups. See ya. If you find any issues with this release or have suggestions, you can DM me on Discord: Moelancholy#6036

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  • [Pizza] Layton Mystery Tanteisha Katri no Nazotoki File - 01v2.mkv (639.1 MiB)
damn are you planning to do the rest

Tsukudakobashi (uploader)

@fuee Yeah I plan to do the whole show. I'm also currently working on a BD release for Ashita no Joe 2. Though that one is a group project and will take a while as our typesetter still needs to watch the first season. Shouldn't interfere with the release schedule for this one too much though.
Could you make 720p Resolution?

Tsukudakobashi (uploader)

@SeemsGood The show was produced in 874p, so releasing it in 720p is only possible with palpable detail loss. So, in short, no.