[Warm] A Whisker Away | Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu | 泣きたい私は猫をかぶる (2020) [WEB AVC EAC3 1080p]

2020-06-18 07:02 UTC
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2.7 GiB
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metadata: https://pastebin.com/raw/0jRAHJqM enjoy! Discord: Warm#5096

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Damn that's quick! Thanks for travelling the high seas!
Holy shit that's fast.
that was fast xD thanks !!!
inb4 somaheir comments. Thanks!!


i already watched in Netflix. it's good man. You guys Will Love it.
Thanks! for the multilingual goodness!
Yeah... But I will wait for mp4.
Yeeah...I just saw the metadata link in the description and saw the info. That's why I deleted my original comment with the question. I was just surprized when I saw someone saying it's multilingual because not even the film's Wikipedia page has an english cast added yet (though I'm pretty sure it'll get an anglish dub sooner or later).
thanks guess ill settle with this
fast asf lmao
Warm is new Dragster?
You should put the Japanese name in the torrent title
> You should put the Japanese name in the torrent title this
Is this WebRips or WebDL? . I mean WebRips --> Lossy Format WebDL --> Lossless Format


doesn't work

warmachine (uploader)

@RoARene317 usually web-dl are tagged as WEB, while webrip are tagged as webrip or WEB in rare cases. the difference is that web-dl is a direct download from the stream providers while webrip is a encoded capture of the video output both of them are lossy, compression in a nutshell. if it's lossless, i don't think you'll be able to download it as it's larger than your hard drives.
WEB is lossless, accurate decompression won't give anything better than what is present in the compressed WEB frames.
I dream of the day when Netflix will increase their 1080p bitrate to 8Mbps average at least, or switch to HEVC
@HiggerNunter Hey! WEB version is so quick!! BD probably on Fall!
nice thanks for this one
Спасибо ? Русские субтитры на месте, если вдруг
First off, thank you so much for quick upload! Really appreciate this. I just have one question regarding the quality, is it like HEVC or the ones high bitrate ? Like 2.7 GB for 1080p seems kind of low (not complaining just a bit curious). Will there be any more uploads like the ones encoded from RAW files or this is it? Since it's only been like a month from release I was wondering because Tenki No Ko itself took a good year to finally get a Bluray release and only after a month we got the perfectly encoded version from the raw files. Thanks again!
Thank you ♥❤?❤️??