[SoM] Dragon Ball Full Color Manga AI Upscale Project - Son Goku's Training Arc - Vol01 - Ch001

2020-06-17 18:20 UTC
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Hi friends, has the quarantine got you down? Or maybe re-opening got you sick? Need something to do in your free time? Don't worry, I gotchu. This is a project is to renew interest in finishing the english translation of the Dragon Ball Full Color Manga! To this day, the entirety of the Dragon Ball Full Color manga has only been available in relatively low quality digital formats. I'm trying to change that. #### Sample: https://slow.pics/c/vourbD7I (Raws used are from https://nyaa.si/view/1226131, cleaner, cropped nicer, and higher resolution than those found in the animemaakuo torrent) #### FAQ: **Has the rest of the manga been upscaled?** Yes it has. The current unoptimized filesize of the whole thing is 86.2GB. **What's next, what will the project do?** First, replace Japanese text in speech bubbles with accurate english translated text. Japanese SFX will be left intact, but will include notes on the sound. Apply this translation to the upscaled imagery, to have an incredibly high resolution manga experience, and either downscale the translated images back down to raw resolutions, or apply the translated text to the original raw release, so that users that want the low res format space savings can enjoy it too. #### If you want to help or know someone who does, contact us on discord: https://discord.gg/Khdjynt

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  • Dragon Ball - Son Goku's Training Arc - Vol01 - Ch001 [aKraa] [SoM].cbz (397.8 MiB)
https://nyaa.si/view/1226131 This version has been anti-aliasing, the comic's DOT has been erased. Therefore, expanding the resolution on this basis has no good effect. If you want the HD version, still have to scan the image. Thank you for everything you do!
@yeach you have any links to said HD version?
Thanks. Since many colored manga are currently only available digitally in 1200px: How exactly did you achieve such results?