[X-Cho-X] Naruto Shippuuden - 152-153 - CR-1080p (Dual Audio)

2020-06-17 02:55 UTC
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Now everyone can complete their season 8 in 1080p ;) ![Image](https://i.imgur.com/od2Tegh.png) More info and DDL links https://nanda.to/topic/6088-x-cho-x-naruto-shippuuden-2007-on-going/ Personal Synopsis for these two episodes: Naruto finds out Jiraiya died and Asuma's gf is still pregnant.... and hot. <3 The quality on these episodes from CR is far better than the earlier episodes. It looks like episodes 152 was animated in SD while 153 was animated in HD. Video: x264: - High10 @CRF 17 - MKV Format (Source: Personally Crunchyroll-rip 1080p) English Audio: AC3 - 2.0 Channels - 256 kbps (Source: Viz Media - R1DVD) Japanese Audio: AC3 - 2.0 Channels - 256 kbps (Source: Viz Media - R1DVD) Subtitle 1: Signs/Songs - ASS Formant (Source: CR) Subtitle 2: English Subs - ASS Formant (Source: CR) Chapters: Prologue, OP, Main, ED, Preview, Onmake Added karaoke subs for the OP/ED translated by animelyrics.com Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/lm3eBGH Please seed!!~~

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can you do Jiraiya vs pain and sasuke vs itachi episodes ?? it is one of best shippuden episodes but thier quality is actually trash and can not find them in good quality at all ...!

X-Cho-X (uploader)

@itachi09847 if u have them can u provide a mega link or screenshots?
@X-Cho-X this is screenshots of episode 134 for example https://imgur.com/a/j8U5e2L i think this is the best quality on internet but it is still not that good i hope you can find better quality for these episodes