[Kaizoku] Her Blue Sky (BD 1080p AAC) [D2289DFA] (Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito yo)

2020-06-16 21:06 UTC
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Unironically, delete aniplex. I've seen fansubbers complain about it for a while now but now I know exactly why. I started off trying to fix the messed up phrasing and timing and fixed any translation errors I could spot. Then added memes, song lyrics and missing signs and typeset them over Beatrice's video with 5.1ch qAAC audio. This was totally unplanned but I ended up liking the movie a little too much to leave it be. If mini encodes are your thing, get it from AnimeKaizoku. Any feedback is appreciated. [Subtitles and Fonts](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1H66GPnkZlrsJIuoj__V9ZKeYGiK0Tv1c) | [Mediainfo](https://del.dog/erypigyker.txt) | [Screenshots](https://imgur.com/a/2BlwLZy)

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  • [Kaizoku] Her Blue Sky (BD 1080p AAC) [D2289DFA].mkv (4.1 GiB)
Possible to just get subs and fonts? Thanks!
ah right, added them in description
Thank you wonderful person ?
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ah shit, and I watched it JUST last night with PGS. guess this'll be good for a rewatch one day. thanks!
are added memes really a good thing? (real question)
[delete aniplex intensifies]
"added memes" go fuck yourself.
> Urashima Tarou -> Rip Van Winkle. > Chuunibyou -> puberty Well, it doesn't lie about being a meme translation.
I know Urashima Taro and I'm not even Japanese. I read the story in English literature class at school, ironically.
Thanks for the meme.
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