[DmonHiro] VS Knights Of Lamune & 40 Fresh (DVD Remux)

2020-06-15 16:38 UTC
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![image](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8Sb4ajSNju8/XuekkJdrXDI/AAAAAAAACQI/WYE_f57nI1QyGKbdV19Awz4_I1DeqmW1wCK4BGAsYHg/s720/01%2B-%2BGo%2BOn%2BA%2BTrip.mkv_snapshot_01.23.736.png) Many years after the events of VS Fire the world faces a new crisis. Parfait and Cacao are all grown up and working hard at keeping the peace. But rumor has it that a new Lamunes has appeared. As the holy virgins, they are to help this new hero bring peace to the galaxy. But something is wrong. This new Lamunes is cruel, sadistic and not at all interested in bringing peace. How could this have happened? A young girl named Lemon might have the answer. **FUCK! THIS! SHOW! FOREVER!** Now that we got that out of the way, let me explain. I fucking hate this OVA. I hate it with the passion of a million devout religious worshipers. This "sequel" to VS Fire is a complete insult, and for a long time it was the only part of the franchise that was available in English. They went from a comedy to a military drama. They went from happy to bleak. And for no goddamn reason. So, there is no comedy in this show. At all. What did they replace it with? Boobs. Lot's of boobs. Parfait and Cacao spend 50% of the runtime completely nude. Why, you ask? Well, Parfait has a mecha that uses liquid as a shock absorber, so she pilots it naked. And Cacao's divinations now require her to be naked and/or masturbate to orgasm. First off, that's dumb. Using liquid as a shock absorber is suicidal. Second off, that is not how the divinations worked in the original. These are just cheap excuses to have the girls naked. I like T&A, as my upload list shows. But seeing Parfait and Cacao like this feels icky, like going to a strip club to watch your daughter perform. But that's not all. Who doesn't want to see the new Lamunes sexually abuse an android girl while the naked, still alive body of Drum from Fire is mounted on a wall behind him? Or him almost raping and then torturing Cacao? You know what this show is like? It's like you just finished watching Card Captor Sakura, and then someone gives you an official OVA where Sakura is raped in an alley. Who the fuck came up with this, and why was it given the green light? Even if you don't have any of the problems I have with this show, you still won't have a good time because the show is boring. Yes, it has mecha, hot girls, nudity, and it's STILL fucking boring. Anyway, enough of my rant, and fuck this show. As for the release, it's quite fitting that the video source is ass. It's better then the US DVD, but that was one complete ass, so it's still better. Clearly nobody gave a shit enough to give this series a decent DVD. And why should they? https://anidb.net/anime/547 Question: Fuck this show? Yes. PS: So, that's the end of the franchise. What a way to finish. Come August the show will have been released in the US on SDBD. If that has better quality, and someone uploads the BDMVs, I shall revisit this franchise. Until then, I only have two more DVD remuxes left: Divergence Eve and Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. After that, it's back to regular old BD releases.

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  • [DmonHiro] VS Knights Of Lamune & 40 Fresh (DVD Remux)
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I can't wait for your Nurse Angel Ririka SOS release. And thank you for your hard work!

DmonHiro (uploader)

Just so you know, I've already released Nurse Angel SOS once. If you don't want a DVD remux, you can download the DVD rip.
oh my, there are a lot of curses in here. This isn't very nice for a brit to read in the morning during his milk tea breakfast!
I have own the DVDs to the first season, Lamune and 40 and MAYBE decade I will get to see the whole thing....
thank you so much! if you have the 1st creditless ending i would really love it if you have it. i've been looking for it for more than 10 years

DmonHiro (uploader)

None of the DVDs for this franchise have clean OP/ED on the discs.
"But seeing Parfait and Cacao like this feels icky, like going to a strip club to watch your daughter perform" Damn son !! Will seed !!! Btw how does one 'almost rape' somebody ?? Asking for a friend.
Hold on to your CPM copy or this one. The Discotek version is going to change the subs. As per the person on twitter: "Additionally, I made it a point to update the subs for the Fresh to bring the terms/tone in line with our other Lamune titles."