[Judas] Promare (Movie + Specials) [BD 1080p][HEVC x265 10bit][Dual-Audio][Multi-Subs]

2020-06-15 15:01 UTC
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Title: Promare Video Format: .mkv HEVC 10bit SoftSubbed Resolution: 1920 X 1080 Encoded by: SeaSmoke **Audio(Opus)**: Japanese - English **Subtitles**: Movie: English(Edited AEDNuLL) - French(LeMupe) - Spanish(AEDNuLL) - Russian(PrometoSubs) Specials: English(Kudou Usagi) - Spanish(Anarchy) - Russian(PrometoSubs) **Note**: English subs are edited version of AEDNuLL, which are based on PromareDayOne. Some missing signs were added over from the PromareDayOne v1.5 script, and song TL was taken from KudouUsagi. Made some minor edits to the subs. Signs/Songs track was made from KudouUsagi + PromareDayOne, but the songs are in English anyway so idk if anyone would need it. No French subs were available for the specials. Signs/Songs track was made from KudouUsagi subs. As for the encode, it's an AA+Denoise+Masked Deband, with some parts scenefiltered to prevent grain from being destroyed. Looks pretty decent with no obvious issues, but you might notice some grain missing in the intro if you pixel peep. Not much can be done about that, attempting to retain all of it was bringing the file to Beatrice level filesize, so it wouldn't be a mini encode at that point. It's not noticeable unless you zoom in, so I'm okay with it. Audio is 144k Opus for the English Stereo track, 256k for the Japanese 5.1 track. Specials have 256k 5.1 for both English and Japanese. **Source**: JP BDMV (78 GiB) + Eng Dub [Request an anime or get DDL links @ Discord](https://discord.gg/vbJ7RTn) **[If you like this release please seed]** ![gg](https://i.ibb.co/TvMNssp/Judas-Promare-BD-1080p-HEVC-x265-10bit-Dual-Audio-Multi-Subs-mkv-01-12-20-169-1.png) ![wp](https://i.ibb.co/v14dygc/Judas-Promare-BD-1080p-HEVC-x265-10bit-Multi-Subs-mkv-00-09-36-117-1.png) ![ez](https://i.ibb.co/dQ0qVXG/Judas-Promare-BD-1080p-HEVC-x265-10bit-Dual-Audio-Multi-Subs-mkv-01-30-16-453-1.png)

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as always thank you SeaSmoke and the whole of Judas Team
>Not using USBD with the correct fps as source Any reason for this @SeaSmoke. Also terrible banding in almost all dark scenes as always https://slow.pics/c/pfy0yXxS Also for anyone reading this comment i recommend the cbm release that avoids most of the banding in this encode while also preserving most of the detail your denoise destroyed while also being the correct fps. link here - https://nyaa.si/view/1250387 comparison here- https://slow.pics/c/TQPjtcvs Also i see from mediainfo that alpha encoded this again so why is his name not mentioned lol. Is it because of my comment.

Judas (uploader)

@KintokiSakata I understand that you have a problem with SeaSmoke and you already gave your opinion about our encodes, if you don't like these releases then just move on. For the records, Alpha didn't do anything on Promare, stop with these assumptions.
> Not using USBD with the correct fps as source Idk why you assume I should be using the USBD, everything on this came from the JPBD except eng audio which was resynced. > i recommend the cbm release No one who watches minis is going to care about the banding you mentioned. It's not bad enough to be seen without zoom/during playback. This is like half of the CBM bitrate anyway. If you're a serious nut for quality, why aren't you going for Beatrice anyway. Thats much better than CBM. > Also i see from mediainfo that alpha encoded What magical mediainfo are you using which tells you who encoded each episode lmao. You were wrong on the grancrest senki one too. I didn't encode the first two episodes, alpha did all of those. I just wrote script for that. And this one was written/encoded by me.
@Judas everything i have said is valid criticism. If the encode was good then i wouldn't have anything to say. Secondly I have seen SeaSmoke shit on other encoders here multiple times. Anything i have done he has done too. Thirdly now that seasmoke is encoding for you he is liable to criticism. Now he can take it in a good way or bad, that is not upto me. Also regarding that alpha thing cpuid=1111039 is alpha's cpu as i have seen on all other encodes of yours. The only time they weren't there was for 1st 2 eps of grancrest where cpuid=1049583 was present. Now you can tell me that you all encode on one cpu or something. Or the more likely thing is that seasmoke wrote the vs script and gave to alpha who encoded it. Anyways these are just some things i observed i may be wrong about this. Regarding criticism, if you don't like it you shouldn't post on public trackers and shit on other encoders while doing so. I am not talking about you judas but you know who i am talking about. If this wasn't valid criticism i would accept but it is so upto you how you want take it. @SeaSmoke >USBD USBD is correct fps which is 24 fps while jpbd is 23.976 fps. Which i think you would have found out if you bothered to check >cbm Cbm video stream is 3.7 gbs compared to yours which is 2.25 doubt anybody would care for 1 gb for much superior quality >no one who watched is going to care Then why did you bother to filter anyway. This is the definition of sour grapes attitude. >not seen without zoom Lol my screens aren't zoomed and they are clearly visible. >why not go for beatrice Cbm is 4.7gb beatrice is 8.4.if you cant find difference between that why are you mini encoding anyway >mediainfo I explained that already
Too much negativity on nyaa
IDK if this would help at all, but I can say that I did not work on this project. I was going to but was put on something else. I did check 3 of my 4 PCs and they all have the same CPUID in media info. Edit: They all have different CPUs i7-6700k, i7-7700k, and a 5th gen Xeon
@ Alpha i was wrong about that then and i apologize to seasmoke but rest of criticism still stands. https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=175316
> USBD is correct fps which is 24 fps while jpbd is 23.976 fps. Which i think you would have found out if you bothered to check Why do you assume 24 FPS to be the "correct" frame rate? Afaik most JP blurays are at 23.976 FPS, the only releases of Promare I found at 24 FPS are the CBM one and the one titled USBD Remux which is probably what CBM used as source. Beatrice and all other encodes I saw were also 23.976 FPS, so idk how that's the "wrong FPS" Is there any specific reason why you think that the USBD is the one that should be used?
@SeaSmoke because anything meant for cinema is made at 24 fps. This is changed to 23.976 for home release. This is almost always true for live action but sometimes for anime movies too like your name where italian bd had the correct fps. Akira. Also in this case. Tenki no ko italian bd will also likely have 24fps. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecine Beatrice used jpbd cause the usbd hadn't come out. If they checked and found that master was actually 24fps they would have likely used usbd but i can't say that for them.

Judas (uploader)

@KintokiSakata Valid criticism is totally fine for me and I even appreciate it when it's done in the right way. What I don't like is receiving comments for personal conflicts between an user and an encoder of my group. Your statements about the encode surely have a point, I invite you to join my Discord where we can properly discuss that and maybe we'll all learn something, but flooding Nyaa comments is not a good way to exchange opinions or criticism. I hope you understand my viewpoint :)
If You Guys Don't Mind Can I Say Something... Let's Not Fight Okk... Whoever Comes Here To Download, If You Don't Like It, Then Don't Download... And If You Like It, Then Download And Have Fun... Every Encoder Does Their Work In Their Own Way... No One Is Forcing Anyone To Download Their Encodes... It's Simple As That... We Should Be Thankful To All The Encoders Who Spent Their Time On Encoding... There Are 2 Ways To Speak To Other People... Good Way And Bad Way... @KintokiSakata I Understand That You Are Trying To Give Your Opinion On Encode But The Way You Are Speaking, That Is Wrong... And Again, If You Don't Like @SeaSmoke's Work, Then You Can Ignore It Right... Why Need To Insult Someone's Work... If I Don't Like Someone's Work, I Will Check And Leave... It's Simple... And BTW, @Judas Thank You As Always... I Don't Know Much About Encoding But I Can Say This, That Your Releases Are Real Good For People Like Me... Who Has Internet Issues And Limited Internet Pack... So, Keep Up The Good Work... Thank You...
> Beatrice used jpbd cause the usbd hadn’t come out There's also the case about USBDs almost always being lower quality than the JPBDs, so I'm not sure if using the US one would have been the better option. I wasn't aware of that bit on the frame rate though, so thanks for that. And like Judas said, join the discord if you want to discuss more or just shout at me in dms :)
@judas i completely understand your viewpoint. Its just that the person you have encoding for you now used to flood nyaa comments too of other encoders and i hope you understand there is something known as liability ie you are liable for an encoder of your group. Also i have been to your discord and it is kind of environment i hate with people suggesting torrents and others shitting on the encoders of said torrent. I mean its kinda ironic that all the time people in your discord shit on other encoders when you put out these kind if releases. Look i have nothing against you judas, you seem like nice guy but you need to moderate your discord to prevent this kind if toxic behaviour and if you don't then the only opinion one can infer is that you condone such sort of behaviour. I hope you understand where i am coming from and don't take it the wrong way :). @SeaSmoke i am glad that you understand but its clearly quality you are not going for here so you should atleast have the correct fps. :) @kirito31 i understand what you are saying but there is a reason that i chose to approach in such a way. You reap what you sow. I hope you understand.

Judas (uploader)

Don't worry, I'm already taking measures to improve the moderation. Thanks for the feedback then, I hope to see you back there next time :)
I like that movie, I like Gainax Pose.
There's a distinct lack of aliens in this movie tho.
There’s a distinct lack of yellow subs in this release tho.
There's a distinct lack of baguette subs in the specials. Fansubs plx @Hergonoway
nyaa comment sections are battlezones (1)
guys please stop arguing or fighting about this? lets just be thankful enough that @Judas is making all this anime encodes for free.
I've seen worse comment sections on Nyaa. This is still far more civil, from both parties, so it barely counts are fighting/battlezone.
Serious battlezones were the SCY VS Kuchikirukia battles. Only time i've seen mods getting involved.
Lots of keks from those fights. vvvBasically sums up everything ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/342939589180260352/722338220964053042/unknown.png "Australian Bear")
Ah shit @Judas forgot to credit Trigger in the description.
there is NOT ENOUGHT negativity on nyaa anymore. i don't even care for 99% percent of anime but people fighting over encodes always made me smile
> Also regarding that alpha thing cpuid=1111039 is alpha’s cpu as i have seen on all other encodes of yours. The only time they weren’t there was for 1st 2 eps of grancrest where cpuid=1049583 was present. @KintokiSakata cpuid seems to be irrevelant way of describing who encoded it, I have opened one of my test fiddles with ffmpeg and cpuid of my "encode" was "1049583". I dont know if i understand it correctly but it seems like cpuid is not hardware id but some sort of CPUID instructions value. Thanks for making me waste 30mins of my life trying to understand what cpuid in ffmpeg is. But atleast now i have more useless knowledge.
@absinth i already apologized for that and posted the explanation. If 3 posts took you 30 mins to read then you are indeed illiterate. Thanks for making me waste 1 min of my life typing this message. Please to go to school to increase your comprehension abilities. Thanks.
Thanks Judas. I am amazed how you shrunk 78GB to only 3GB. Don't strive to have releases as tiny as possible, I don't mind if it's a bit larger.


A Battle Zone. I see.
@Yi69Ya Happy that you liked it, but the 78GB is not just the movie, it's including interviews/specials/PVs and a lot of other stuff. The movie was around 30GB and the two Specials were 3GB each. Not relevant, but still worth mentioning :)
this is a mini encode tf are all you plebs complaining doing here ? go to another site or search for another one like this and stop being shills
@KintokiSakata ..bro valid point... the @SeaSmoke is always complaints about other encodes.... like the band is showing easily..... when it comes to his encodes.... he tells "if you zoom in u can see the banding and who cares it's just a mini encode" and "who cares it's if they already watched" You have to see ur encode before complaining about other encodes.... and @Judas u said if u don't like the encode don't shit in the nyaa comment.... but @SeaSmoke always do that... If I want mini encodes y I download urss... there are lots of encodes their with small size and better than this... And one more thing @Judas I love ur encodes and don't have any complain abt u...... I always see the description to see if u made the encode
Imagine complaining mini encodes
On god, I just wanna imagine some anime tiddies
Thanks Judas team!!