[Chihiro] Otome Game no Hametsu Flag Shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei Shiteshimatta 01-03 [Blu-ray 720p Hi10P AAC]

2020-06-10 19:46 UTC
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Chihiro is in da recruiting business. We are currently looking for Translators, Typesetters and Quality Checkers! Visit #Chihiro-recruits@irc.rizon.net for more details. If you happen to enjoy our releases, feel free to join #Chihiro@irc.rizon.net and have some fun!

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Holy moly! Thank you!
Chihiro is back :D
Oh, Bakarina in BD, thanks <3
Why this show gets so much love? Y'all girls?
Chihiro is the oldest fansub that's still active today, and they bring so many damn memories along with them ><
Ara ara chihiro-san.kawaii
>Chihiro is the oldest fansub that’s still active today sad
>no underscores Welcome to 2010
Thanks a lot!
Chihiro is? Not bashing them but they are def NOT the oldest. What about Orphan or Saizen or Live-evil? I suppose Commie, Doki or Doremi don't count either?
Yo thanks! appreciated! much love <3
>Chihiro is the oldest fansub that’s still active today, lol
> Not bashing Can't bash here, cause being the oldest is not a compliment to begin with ! >Orphan or Saizen or Live-evil, suppose Commie, Doki or Doremi don’t count either? Clearly the meaning of the "oldest" in this "specific" torrent was lost to you, and I am not even sure if Commie and Doki are older than Chihiro, but this is just a guess.
@cait - Not the oldest, but not quite to the extent listed. L-E - Founded 2001 Saizen - Founded 2004 Doremi - Founded 2005 Chihiro - Founded 2008 Doki - Founded 2009 Commie - Founded 2009 Orphan - Founded 2010 So not the oldest, but older than you think.
So Saizen was founded around the same time Kametsu was created.
I don't think Kametsu was that old !
@nabiru3 The first iteration of the Kametsu site/forum started in March 2004. Which was why they celebrated their 15th year of existing in 2019. In terms of fansubs / anime encodes though, I believe the first project happened around late 2006.
"active" is a really big stretch
Live-eviL has Chihiro beat. Activity and age are both higher.
>Chihiro >No underscores is this real?
Sure it is. People complained about underscores last time. \o/
I'm old enough for not complaining much about underscore
I'm not old enough to read Kristen actually heard complains