Lupin III - The First [English Subtitles]

2020-06-09 12:03 UTC
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Includes: English, Japanese, and Portuguese subtitles Video+Japanese subs: Anime Land's MKV - Portuguese subs: Synopsis (from Anime News Network): Lupin the Third: THE FIRST is the franchise's first 3D CG feature-length film. The film's story centers on Lupin teaming up with a woman named Leticia to steal the Bresson Diary, a treasure that even the first generation Arsène Lupin could not steal.

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Tsama (uploader)

Subs if you already have the RAW: And before you ask - yes, this is translated directly from Japanese.


Thanks, will watch it with these subs soon
Thanks for more quality Lupin subs. I'm definitely glad that I waited.
thank you, i waited for this!
Thank you for this :) @wave: what, not gonna troll this one?
TSAMA, amazing work. Keep it up. Appreciated.
Finished the film and it's awesome. Btw, do you have a link for the fonts? They're awesome.

Tsama (uploader)

@hayter I don't quite remember where I found all the fonts, but here's a list of the ones I used. Dialogue: Bookman Old Style Lupin III logo: Pointedly Mad Intro credits: Comfortaa Intertitles: NewCinemaA-STD Afterword: Book Antiqua & Dry Brush
I wish the "official" subs were as good as these! Excellent work.
japs love to (rightly) antagonize nazis while leaving their own imperial and especially human rights defying history unmentioned. not saying that it should've played a role in this particular movie, but rather in pop culture in general. this is particularly bad especially in movies like the emperor in august and admiral yamamoto. mind you, i'm no particular fan of the u.s. either but this tendency of historically re-visioning this kind of stuff pisses me off. sure the nazis where horrible, but comfort women and the asian holocaust are fake news. what a fucking arch conservative nationalist country. sorry for the pointless rant, thank you for your hard work providingthese subtitles. i watched the diy full disc from acm that had your subtitles patched onto it.
@pip3 maybe leave out the racial slur right at the beginning next time? Here's the fonts for those who wanted them.
Since someone yeeted the Mega link, have a sendspace link for the fonts now:
Thanks for the subs.