One Piece Chapter 981 (Manga Plus Rip, Single page problem solved)

2020-06-07 17:31 UTC
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Chapters in Manga Plus have just one big problem. Double pages are split into two, so it's annoying to see the image getting broken up. I only fixed that part. The rest are just as is. [DDL](

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  • Chapter 981 - Joining the (5.5 MiB)
I'm glad that someone decided to start rip One Piece considering it's the only manga nowadays that gets the fanscan over the official rip. Thank you very much and I hope you'll keep on doing that. You're awesome

random_bigInteger (uploader)

Yeah the fan translated ones usually have some TL errors in them. This version comes late, but is more accurate. You're welcome.
Awesome. Great work. Thanks. Is possible to upload the chapter number 979 with the problem of the double pages fixed? Anyway, I'd invite you to continue with this stuff. I really appreciate to collect all the weekly-basis chapters. Now Shueisha includes an High Definition mode, but the content dissappear in few weeks...

random_bigInteger (uploader)

I'm pretty sure this is the HD version. And no, it won't be possible for me to rip any of the earlier chapters.