Dragon Half OVA (Higher Quality)(Tri Audio) MKV DVDRip

2020-06-04 21:41 UTC
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![text](https://images2.static-bluray.com/products/20/31313_1_large.jpg) Encoded Dragon Half OVA into high quality MKV h.264 format with English, Japanese, and Director Commentary audio, along with English Subtitles as well. **SCREENSHOTS** https://imgur.com/a/GuP2O45

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  • Dragon Half OVA
    • Dragon Half - 01 - Mink's Voyage [DarkDream].mkv (465.5 MiB)
    • Dragon Half - 02 - The Brutal, Killer Martial Arts Tournament [DarkDream].mkv (490.4 MiB)
Kinda disappointed how the video quality looks. Is there no better than that?

DarkDream787 (uploader)

@Impakt Not unless you can find a better quality DVD source/release. This OVA never got a great DVD release overall that I have been able to find. I compared 2 different releases, and used the best looking one. I was not able to find a Japanese release to get the video from, or I would have used that for the video. Usually Japanese DVD’s have better quality video when it comes to anime. I did not find a web source that looked any better either. If I ever find a Japanese DVD, or it gets a better release that I can get ahold of, I will re-encode it. Until then, this is about as good as it gets. This is an older early 90’s anime that was dropped before they finished it, so them bothering to remaster this or re-release it is not very likely. I wouldn’t expect miracles without a rescan, or true quality remaster from the source material the animators have. Even a Japanese DVD might not be that much better unless its remastered in some way. If you saw the quality before I worked on it, you would probably cry out in true disappointment.
I loved this anime, pity it was only 2 episodes...
"This is an older early 90’s anime that was dropped before they finished it" Nope. These OVAs are just the manga advertising (they even implicate this in the OVA itself). Like a lot of other OVAs of 80-90s. Manga is completed and awesome.
This is good :)

DarkDream787 (uploader)

@Spc_away "Nope. These OVAs are just the manga advertising (they even implicate this in the OVA itself)." This may have been to advertise manga, but this was a short 90's anime for it that was cancelled, and originally intended to be 4 episodes. Interest was apparently so low, that they dropped it, and never finished the episodes. Read about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Half#Anime
I've got the original US DVD here somewhere, but I remember the quality being....iffy.
You realize that just re-encoding a video file to a higher quality format isn't going to magically make the video look better right? You have to encode it from a new source, also the fact that your pics are just showing screenshots from your own "encode" rather than comparing raises red flags as well.

DarkDream787 (uploader)

@kandi_gloss I did not simply re-encode an encode or video file, I used DVD’s for the source video. I compared the 2 different DVD releases I could find, and chose the better looking one to use for the source. Of course the screenshots are only going to be from my encode, I have no other encode to compare it with because I did not re-encode an encode or video file like you seem to believe. Or at least that’s what your reply sounds like you believe to me. Of course just re-encoding a video file to a higher quality format wont make it look better. That’s what the miracle of something called avisynth, and or vapoursynth is for. You make things look better with that, when you use it well. What is this red flag crap? are you under attack or something and looking for warnings? You sound like someone whom is rating a possible relationship with someone or something. My screenshots have always been of my encodes since I started encoding and uploading 14+ years ago. They’re screenshots of what your downloading. I am not obligated to compare anything, and neither is anyone else. You like what you see, then get it. If you don’t like what you see, then move on. It’s as simple as that.
Blue Lobster suggested that this OVA was censored. Is it? Or were they just looking for CrunchyRoll clicks?