[Kaleido-subs] Joshiraku (Rakugo Girls) Vol.2 (BD 720p)

2020-05-27 13:26 UTC
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![](https://cdn-eu.anidb.net/images/main/89320.jpg) | Role | Staff | | ---- | ----- | | Translation | Official Translation (Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @ Sentai Filmworks), gg (jugemu) | | Translation Check | Soul (OP, ED, Ep3 insert) | | Editing | LightArrowsEXE | | Song Styling | LightArrowsEXE (OP, ED) / The0x539 (Ep3 insert) | | Encode | LightArrowsEXE | | Timing | gsk_ | | Typesetting | LightArrowsEXE / iFanz (Ep04 hand sign) / Scrad (Ep04 scroll sign) | | Quality Control | bucket3432 | The next few volumes won't be as fast, but hopefully still faster than our usual works. I hope. We're recruiting talented translators, typesetters, and timers! Contact LightArrowsEXE#0476 on Discord if you are interested. Check out our [Discord server](https://discord.gg/dk7aadV)! If you have playback issues, use [mpv](https://mpv.io).

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Light goes brrrrr
paipo paipo paipo... thanks for your hard work!
wew! Are you going to make a full batch when done or keep it in volumes?

Kaleido-subs (uploader)

We'll batch it up.
Why did you choose to use the officials subs rather tha Valerauko? From what I gathered here and there during the years, Vale did an insane job. Anyway, I'd rather have all the references on a pdf of sorts, way better than using TL notes and way more useful to completely understand the context behind most references and wordplays. I'm pretty sure Vale used to share all of this on the notredreviews blog. But anyway, thanks for your hard work. At the very least I won't need to store the english Farfie release with that god-awful font.
Overall I thought the official subs did a much better job of telling the jokes in a digestible way for English viewers and felt like just the right amount of liberal editing and great writing to get across the show's comedy very well, and most importantly in a very entertaining way. The editor for the gg release [also appears to agree that the official subs did a fantastic job](https://twitter.com/Xythar/status/1213693537021153280) (at least, iirc Xythar was the editor. Might be wrong there), which was another point In its favour for me. The last reason was that nobody else has uploaded these subs, so even if gg ends up ultimately being better, most people will never be able to come to their own conclusion unless someone releases them, even if they're localized even further (since we can actually change some stuff with TS magic if necessary, unlike Sentai) For more specific TL notes, vale's blog is still the best place to get your fix of that. Otherwise, most jokes here are localized (enough), and if deemed absolutely necessary, a non-obscuring and brief TL note has been added. This is probably the only show I'd ever do TL notes for, but even then I wanted to keep it minimal. I hope that answers your questions. :)
Yes, thanks for your thorough answer!