One Piece Chapter 980 (Manga Plus Rip, Single page problem solved)

2020-05-25 03:38 UTC
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Chapters in Manga Plus have just one big problem. Double pages are split into two, so it's annoying to see the image getting broken up. I only fixed that part. The rest are just as is. [DDL](

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  • Chapter 980: Fighting (2.4 MiB)
Will you keep doing this? It would be very much appreciated! Also you ripped the medium quality chapter, MangaPlus now offers High quality (it's quite the improvement, basically same as VIZ).

random_bigInteger (uploader)

@cyatek I plan to. And I will see if I can somehow manage to get the higher quality version from now on. You're very much welcome.
@random_bigInteger If you're using HakuNeko I submitted an issue right after my comment and it's already been fixed, so it'll download the High quality version now :)

random_bigInteger (uploader)

@cyatek Yes, I am using HakuNeko xD. I already tried it on this chapter yesterday, and it was able to fetch the higher quality version. So it's all ok.
Why rip from things when it's free to begin with? And why pirate free manga when it's legal and has no region blocks.

random_bigInteger (uploader)

@SamirParvez I'm not a big fan doing this either, trust me. The answer to your question is in the description.