[0v3r] To Your Eternity (Digital HD) (0v3r) v01-11 (ongoing)

2020-05-23 19:44 UTC
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**It's my first time processing the images from original source and merging split images. I've used PNG with 600dpi, which averages a resolution of 3450X4916 per page. The size is a little big, but it looks nice and crisp.** **I'm a noob at this, so I'm open to suggestions. And if you think a lower quality but more manageable file size would be better, let me know.** **Enjoy.** ![](https://i.imgur.com/3Qzp2H0.png) *It, a mysterious immortal being, is sent to the Earth with no emotions nor identity. However, It is able to take the shape of those around that have a strong impetus.* *At first, It is a sphere. Then, It imitates the form of a rock. As the temperature drops and snow falls atop the moss, It inherits the moss. When an injured, lone wolf comes limping by and lays down to die, It takes on the form of the animal. Finally, It gains consciousness and begins to traverse the empty tundra until It meets a boy.* *The boy lives alone in a ghost town, which the adults abandoned long ago in search of the paradise said to exist far beyond the endless sea of white tundra. However, their efforts were for naught, and now the boy is in a critical state.* *Acquiring the form of the boy, It sets off on a never-ending journey, in search of new experiences, places, and people.*

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  • To Your Eternity
    • To Your Eternity v01 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (908.4 MiB)
    • To Your Eternity v02 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (1.0 GiB)
    • To Your Eternity v03 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (1018.8 MiB)
    • To Your Eternity v04 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (929.9 MiB)
    • To Your Eternity v05 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (1017.8 MiB)
    • To Your Eternity v06 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (1.0 GiB)
    • To Your Eternity v07 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (985.3 MiB)
    • To Your Eternity v08 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (1.0 GiB)
    • To Your Eternity v09 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (1.1 GiB)
    • To Your Eternity v10 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (1010.6 MiB)
    • To Your Eternity v11 (Digital HD) (0v3r).cbz (1005.1 MiB)
thanks and yes i think lower quality but more manageable file size would be better but thanks for this
Never edit Digital files.
Thanks, but please share the PDF files. Would be awesome to see a torrent for the whole bundle (PDF and CBZ)

0v3r (uploader)

Why not, @Mr_Kimiko? I (think I) didn't do any upscaling, just conversion from vector images.
Thank you for fusing the double pages. its annoying skimming the volumes and doing them myself
@miss kimchi \>Never edit Digital files. As always, you have no idea what you are talking about.
@0v3r Thanks. I have some questions for a long time and it seems this is the chance to ask about them. Why do we occasionally have different versions of the same manga? What is the original resolution when you download books from source (e.g., Viz, Kodansha, YenPress)? Why not just upload the original version? And it is not just about resolution. For instance, akraa version has deeper black colour than danke version. Why is it like that? For reference, F@**U books only have 2 versions with different resolution, x2600 and x3200. People normally go for the x3200 ones. The books are always the same no matter who rip them. Thanks in advance to anyone kindly help to clarify my questions.
Thanks a lot! and if possible, a manageable file would be great
Are these from the Humble Bundle manga?
@reddragon1989 actually danke's uploads are untouched original files except for fusing some separate pages. On the other hand, akraa converts every image except first colour page to lossy PNG4 shit to reduce size. If you care for quality then go for danke's uploads.
Daayum dude, great job!
Correct me if I am wrong but the DPI don't mean anything when it comes to digital files. In my opinion if you're concerned with file size provide the downscaled version first with adequate quality (if going with jpeg than between 89% -100% quality or just PNG it) if you want to share it with others then sometime later share the original and seed that for a bit and stop and go back to your downscaled version. My only concern with downscaling is some people either don't know how to do it right or are just clueless as I seen some with them looking blurry as heck. I dunno what people use but I use Photoshop CS5 with bicubic (best for smooth gradients) algorithm > Save as Web > and what I wrote above on jpeg quality or PNG'ing it. But if you're not concerned with file size just leave the resolution alone and just stitch together 2 panel pages. edit: oh man the file size on this is huge! I dunno if it's worth it cuz I just got the 6 GB Love Hina's Omnibus share.
DPI come into play when you're converting from PDFs, as was the case here.
Thanks for this!