[VKLL] The End of Evangelion (VHS)

2020-05-23 16:23 UTC
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VKLL fansub of The End of Evangelion from the 90s.

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  • End of Evangelion (VKLL).mpg (4.1 GiB)
I remember ordering this tape when it was out back in 1998. I think it was from Ontario based distributor Anifan, We did a screening at my anime club. A disturbing masterpiece... Thanks for sharing this important piece of anime fandom history. VKLL were just like the Technogirls, first class fansubers with a professional level of quality, even surpassing the quality of officials subs at times!
thank you for the wish fulfillment. I've been wanting a vhs rip of this for forever
mpg? Oh wow. A trip down memory lane. I remember getting this from an anime club back in 1998 or so. Internet was still shitty as ever, even if it was broadband. There was no streaming or HD anime then. You had to either rent tapes from blockbuster and watch anime the old fashion way on an old dinky 12" CRT TV. At that time, anime was just pouring into the market. ADV, AnimEigo, Bandai Entertainment, CPM, Funi, Media Blasters, Pioneer, Tokyopop, Viz the whole shebang. And let's not forget the infamous Manga Entertaiment with their shitty Eva Movie DVD. God that was awful. Yet most of us didn't care. So glad we are done with that era. *Hugs blu-rays* :)
Always nice to have a piece of history :)