[0v3r] Unbalance x Unbalance v01-10 (complete)

2020-05-19 08:52 UTC
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*A young man finds and returns a lost wallet and cell phone to a beautiful young lady, thus begins the destined relationship between two strangers. Sound typical? Well then, how about making the young lady the young man’s future homeroom teacher, and give them both a twisted sense of right and wrong. And just for kicks, let’s have the young man help himself to a self proclaimed reward from the lost wallet before returning it… but of course, this scenario wouldn’t be complete unless the young lady was very unforgiving when it came to teaching one of her students a lesson on morals.* ![](https://i.imgur.com/xzoTNUQ.png)

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  • Unbalance X Unbalance (c)
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    • Unbalance x Unbalance v10 c73-82.cbz (135.5 MiB)
Any chance you could do the sequel spin off as well? https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=149885

0v3r (uploader)

@shellshock: apparently, "this series is a loose adaption/spin-off of the “Unbalance x2” manga with a simplified & rewritten plot for webtoon format. It's not actually a direct sequel, despite the series name.". And reviews aren't that great... Due to the webtoon format, there's no volumes to pack it into, but I can upload the current chapters, if you want (or wait until it's complete, it's still ongoing).
The sequel is completed with 50 chapters though? its written right underneath the description?

0v3r (uploader)

@shellshock: nevermind, you're right. I was mislead by mangakakalot's ongoing status when checking for reviews. But on MangaDex it's says complete too. I'll upload it now.
Seeing this I remembered about Unbalance x3 I read a while back only to find out that it's been on hiatus now for quite some time now. I wonder what happened. It's art was better than this (mainly because it was full-coloured) and it's ecchi part was better too. 😞