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"Woman Who Makes Everyone Dream" Yume gives her answer to Toshiyuki. Hana's matches get cancelled due to COVID19. Shion confides in Vivi who makes an announcement at a group dinner. Uploaded 1080p format… Enjoy!

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Thanks as always for true HD @manek
Due to the unfortunate passing of Hana Kimura, it is looking likely that terrace house will be cancelled indefinitely. For more information check the terrace house reddit. Rest in peace Hana.
@Shamzy Cyberbullying... Depression... These are serious threats towards society.
You're right, and its slowly becoming normalised which is disgusting. There aren't really any repercussions for those trolls when there should be. But lets not discuss that here. Just wish Hana peace.
Man, that is really really sad. :(
@Shamzy Can you link the thread? I don't see it on the page. The only possible outcome is they will be taking a longer break (doesn't help with the virus going on) and help asses and most likely handle situations like this in the future where harassment are getting out of hand. I kinda understand now why a lot of Seiyuu or just popular figures in general tend to have their own social media managers handle their pages. It's just exhausting if you tend see stuff like this about randos saying about you. Well, time to catch up with all of this. Just a shame how the future of the show maybe in jeopardy.
Rest in Peace Hana
Started binge watching terrace house during March, finished OND, B&G in the City and caught up to Tokyo. I'm extremely sad to see such a hurtful outcome of what could have been a potentially great show. We all have to understand the repercussions of negative/hate comments and cyber bullying. RIP Hana
I hate Hana she is such a bitch, she single-handedly destroyed terrace house and now there probably won't be new episodes anymore and all because she had to overreact over some stupid washed clothes...
This is the kind of disgusting comment that probably sent her to her death so fuck you whoevver you are
This is why I didn't want a discussion here. How dare you say that and also make a username with Hana's name. How far from a human being do you have to be to not have an ounce of sympathy for someone who lost their life? Whether you're trolling or not, what you said was truly revolting. You should be ashamed of yourself.
TH:Tokyo canceled confirmed here: https://variety.com/2020/tv/asia/terrace-house-japan-canceled-hana-kimura-netflix-1234617129/

_manek (uploader)

Sad to say there will be no more uploads for the rest of the Season. I appreciate all the support from everyone! Please be kind to others, there's no need for the hate and trolling in here or anywhere else. RIP Hana
Thank you for your hard work Manek. I think I speak on behalf of everyone in this community when I say that you're greatly appreciated. RIP Hana
You've come a long way Manek. Now you can take a long deserved rest. RIP Hana


I don't think they should have cancelled the season. This would be a win for internet trolls. This will green light trolls to attack any show or person they don't like and they now know they will get their way. I'm tired of these terror tactics. We need to fight back by going forwards.


I wrote the above comment almost 2 months ago. Hard to believe Cancel Culture is now the accepted norm all around the world. I hope they bring back TH.