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**Compiled in volumes and added covers (except last 7, which I got already in volumes). Enjoy.** *Sitting in their cramped apartment, Miyuki Umino's older brother talks excitedly about the new business he's starting, promising to hit it big and bring her and their young siblings out of poverty. Months later, Miyuki is approached by creditors working for the yakuza, who inform her of her brother's disappearance and the two hundred fifty million yen loan he defaulted on. With her brother on the run, Miyuki is now responsible for his debt. The creditors give Miyuki an out: to pay off the loan with her body by working in a soapland. Wracking her brain for a solution without having to resort to prostitution, Miyuki happens upon an article about the current women's tennis champion, who earned two hundred fifty million yen within the previous year. A once-promising tennis player herself, Miyuki withdraws from school in order to become a pro tennis player in hopes of paying off her debt. However, the establishment that pushed her out of the world of tennis has not forgotten nor forgiven her. Can Miyuki succeed within a world of competition actively conspiring for her failure?* ![](https://i.imgur.com/Fp0LlHI.png) **Review in MyAnimeList, by Confucius:** Happy! is an ironic name for this manga as there isn't really anything happy about this manga at all. Happy! is a story of beating the odds and taking everything to home through tennis. In this story, you will meet everyone trying to screw over Umino, but she always proves everyone wrong as she overcomes any impossible hurdle placed on her by her enemies. You will end up rooting for her because of her unhappy circumstances and how she overcomes these issues as well as how useless some of her companions are. Naoki Urasawa is a pretty sneaky writer, the more you read Happy! the more you realize tennis is just a plot device for him to insert the psychological elements which he is most known for. If you are thinking Happy! will have a lot of technical shounen-esque tennis content, you are reading the wrong manga. A lot of Happy! is about dealing with human relationships. I would say this writing strategy becomes very repetitive as almost every arc is about Umino's enemy setting her up to get the reader's blood boiling because Umino seems to be always oblivious about it. Now for the characters, besides Sakurada, it seems like all the antagonists in this manga are heartless and one-dimensional. They all have the same mindset that they think Umino is a fake, got lucky in al her wins, and they all want to ruin her life. The same could also be said for Umino's rivals with a few exceptions. Oh and as far as the sport rivalry dynamic is concerned, there is very very very little if any. It is really about Umino overcoming life hurdles thrown at her, so there isn't gonna be any training camps or that rubbish you see in every shounen manga. The art is pretty good, very easy to interpret the panels and very easy to tell which character is an antagonist and who isn't. The games are also drawn really well, no flashy crazy name techinques or exaggerated movements. Just simple run back and forth and different strikes. I would have to say the only thing I did not like about Happy! is the ending, it felt like there should've been more to say and I didn't like the result of the last game, it felt very forced.

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