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2020-05-14 22:48 UTC
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**[Outlanders](https://anidb.net/a748)** **NOTES:** Encoded from VHS English Dub [Low-Quality] So, we gave it a shot to test the VCR, the VHS tape, the VHS encoding device, and unfortunately we did not get as great as a result as we'd hoped. For now, we have a version 1 release of Outlanders VHS with Animaze' English dubbing. **OVA:** Video: 720x480 [video is darker than it should be] Audio: English (Animaze) [audio is louder than it should be] Subtitles: English Hard-Subtitles for alien language and ED theme song **FILE:** Type: MKV Size: 1,626,074,264 bytes No Chapters/Tags **PLOT:** An unstoppable alien armada is invading the Earth, and ordinary reporter Tetsuya is covering the action when he accidentally defeats the commanding princess Kaamu. Suddenly, she decides she is in love and wants to marry him! As if that were not enough for Tetsuya, the rest of the Empire, including Kaamu's father the Emperor, is not the least bit interested in a primate like Tetsuya or those verminous humans from having any claim to the throne. Can Tetsuya, Kaamu, and their few friends keep the entire Empire from stopping the marriage? -*Source:* *[AniDB.net](https://anidb.net/a748)*

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  • (HenoHenoMoHeIJi) Outlanders [VHS][Eng].mkv (1.5 GiB)
Says there are seeds, but none getting picked up. Stalled. 7pm 15thMay

HenoHenoMoHeIJi (uploader)

@Saltbush Still initial seeding. I'm seeing upload traffic, so it's just a matter of time.

HenoHenoMoHeIJi (uploader)

There are plenty of seeds now. Also, please keep in mind it is not the best quality, only version 1 release for posterity. I'm going to do some tweaking, consider VCR alternatives to run tests against with the digital encoding device, but that proposed project may be some time in the future.
wow rare anime thanks upload

HenoHenoMoHeIJi (uploader)

Update on v2. There won't be a v2 release for this because the v2 playback quality came out much worse due to video tape degradation, encoder quality, and VCR issues. I already considered taking parts from v1 and v2 to make a better v2 release than either version alone, but all around, this v1 release is the best quality we could produce with the equipment, and know-how we currently have. We are, of course, open to offers through [our discord](https://discord.gg/2RWbWXG) for purchasing the VHS tape of Outlanders and/or the ClearClick digital encoder for those interested in and capable of producing a higher quality release.