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2020-05-11 12:23 UTC
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It's the release you've all been waiting for: episode 1 of *Pri☆Chan Kiratto Selection*! What is *Pri☆Chan Kiratto Selection*, you might ask? Well, it's a programme rebroadcasting highlight episodes from *Pri☆Chan*, since regular episode production has been halted due to the current COVID-19 lockdown procedures. Oh, so it's like *Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection*, you might assume. Well, yes, except the content that isn't the rebroadcast episode is just a few lines of voiceover with a logo and pink CG background someone threw together on their coffee break. There's nothing interesting about it whatsoever and it's a complete waste of time. Oh, and they changed the colour of the next-time preview logo from pink to purple, because okay...? Obviously this is episode 1 of *Pri☆Chan*, featuring our protagonist Mirai's first brush with Destiny. Yes, Destiny, the mermaid who caused the mysterious affliction that was the cause of so much trouble and hijinks in her life – as if puberty weren't enough! As for this release itself, I painstakingly spliced in BD footage not just for the episode but the intro sequence (with 3DCG concert footage from 6 different episodes) and the unique-to-*Selection* next time preview, compositing shit that had been on top back onto it if I had to. The stuff that isn't the episode (so the fancy new logo and backgrounds and the camera shutter effect they use for shot changes) are all 30fps rather than the show's standard 24fps, which means that this release needed to be VFR to account for the 427 frames over three sections of the video where the framerate should be 29.97. These are also (almost) the only frames left with video content from the ~~TV~~ Amazon source, with some of those frames being a hybrid of both. Also, instead of the "Ready Action" 3DCG footage from the home video version of episode 1, they used the original live-action "Pretty Channel" dance in the ED, so *that* had to be brought back from Amazon too. The audio is just from the TV broadcast. Oh, and although it's episode 1, the first 10 seconds spoil a good bit of S1 and one of the best twists from the end of S2. Next week is episode 15 with Rinka's debut. Oh shit, sorry – spoilers for episode 15.

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  • [SMC-Subs] Pri☆Chan Kiratto Selection - 01 [2BC7F4BF].mkv (535.5 MiB)
Can you guys finish subbing the remainder of the 14 episodes before the covid 19 virus put this show on hiatus? This release is ridiculous considering we want to watch new footage, not highlights of the first 92 episodes. Jesus Christ.

jymmy (uploader)

Thanks for the support, Endless8. We'll try to have *Pri☆Chan Kiratto Selection* episode 2 out as soon as possible!