Cybot Robotchi (1982) [Nora Inu ''G''] Eps 01-03

2020-05-11 02:10 UTC
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![1]( ![2]( ![3]( ![4]( ![5]( ![6]( As I mentioned a few posts ago, Getta G of Nora Inu "G" has recently gotten back into subtitling after his long absence from the fansub scene. Here's a post with the other series he's been working on, Cybot Robotchi. The best way to describe this show is if Dr. Slump made lots of different robots, and they were all designed by Go Nagai's Dynamic Productions and animated by low-rent studio Knack. This show is hilarious in my opinion, fans of Dr. Slump should definitely check it out. If anyone has more episodes of Cybot Robotchi in Japanese, please let me know. It was available to stream in Japan not all that long ago, so I'm sure rips have circulated on the Japanese collectors' scene. Also check out the other series that Nora Inu "G: just completed, Moeru! Onii-san (aka The Burning Wild Man), a Shonen Jump series that must be seen to be believed. Somehow this show seems to have fallen under the radar of most North American fans, but it's really, laugh out loud funny. You can see it on the Nora Inu "G" YouTube channel here:, or get it from Nyaa here:

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  • Cybot Robotchi (1982) [Nora Inu ''G''] Eps 01-03
    • Cybot Robotchi (1982) [Nora Inu ''G''] Ep 01 [A8CC7521].mp4 (199.7 MiB)
    • Cybot Robotchi (1982) [Nora Inu ''G''] Ep 02 [F1788D00].mp4 (199.6 MiB)
    • Cybot Robotchi (1982) [Nora Inu ''G''] Ep 03 [D204C311].mp4 (199.7 MiB)
Question about the ARR Cyborg subs, they use Nora Inu subs, right? At least the first 15 were of better quality video wise.
@Marche - Pretty much. Apparently nobody bothered to download my timed and translated Sub Station Alpha files of Cyborg 009 (1979) episodes 17 through 32 when I posted them on an ftp server fansubbers used to share scripts with back in the days, so I figured there was no point in uploading the rest. Now people want them, but I don't have them anymore. Go figure. Anyway, what do you think of Cybot Robotchi?