[MTBB] Sword Art Onlineː Alicization - War of Underworld - Volume 3 (BD 1080p)

2020-05-11 01:40 UTC
#MTBB on Rizon
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[Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld](https://myanimelist.net/anime/39597/Sword_Art_Online__Alicization_-_War_of_Underworld), episodes 07-09. There are alternate honorifics tracks in this release. Set your media player to play “enm” language tracks by default to automatically play honorifics tracks. I was going to try to do a legitimately good release of this show in AV1, but it seems like that codec's ecosystem is not quite ready for prime time when it comes to high-bitrate encoding. There are two principal problems: one, that there is no encoder that has all of (1) outstanding bitrate/quality efficiency, (2) adaptive keyframe placement, and (3) an absence of annoying visual glitches; and two, that decoding is still really slow. In short, x265 is a better choice right now for someone looking for an x264 alternative. Check back in 2 years. Please leave feedback in the comments, good or bad. It is recommended that you use [mpv](https://mpv.io/), or [MPC-HC](https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releases) with XySubFilter or AssFilterMod, to watch this and other releases of mine. **Anyone wanting to do their own release is free to use any part of this torrent without permission or credit.**

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Worth the wait.
wait the worthing
Thanks, motbob.
\>implying x265 is good
> implying x265 is bad
^ implying no one remembers asking.
it's x265 10bit? implying x265 is good for newer devices in 2020 Samsung Smart TV are start getting firmware update all x265 10bit is now native standard and whatever audio codec is that you put has no problem at all 'i think they adapt the open source platform. x265 10bit is bad for older devices
This is 10-bit x264. Thanks for your hard work!
this is x264 core 152 r2851 ba24899, with good encoding settings, thank you
see you in 2 years for an AV1 release then!
>this is x264 core 152 r2851 ba24899 which is pretty out of date >with good encoding settings i think it's literally the default settings (which are rather bad for anime). aq-mode 1 is especially awful.
I don't honestly download HVEC since I always find the quality to be worse than AVC. Can anyone please tell me if this release is worth downloading if I want good video quality? I downloaded Neko's release of WoU which is 28gigs but the quality was average at best, I think they straight up encoded with standard settings without any post processing, the video looks a bit hazy, apparent banding issues.

motbob (uploader)

There is some debanding here, but I don't think it would be particularly noticable. Generally speaking, "post-processing" by fansubbers is not especially noticable.