Drifters - 15 - The Outlandish Knight (DVD 480p x264 AC3) [peachflavored]

2020-04-27 15:51 UTC
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Behold! Drifters, Episode 15 with softsub english subtitles for these times of quarantine! About this project ------------------ As the world is passing through some rough and convoluted times due to this pandemic, one must keep its head sane while on quarantine and as such, I went on and decided to give some decent subtitles to the 15th episode of Drifters since the only source available is hardsubbed and google translated to hell and back. To make my translation I used a pretty good spanish fansub by Tekeremata!, using their time codes, general editing and applying my own medicine. Since I'm very familiar with spanish, translating it to english was a breeze and now at least some phrases make a lot more sense than those seen on Anime Time's release. It might not be perfect though, one peach army here as usual but at least it's an improvement. What's done ----------- Like my other projects, I used a script that was already pretty good to begin with, where I did some editing as I went along. I've translated everything into english, added the ED karaoke and such. What's not done --------------- This project is concluded. I also did the previous two OVA but those are readily available on the webs so I haven't shared my own version. As for this one, if a better video source pops up, I'll do the usual v2. If anyone wants to be kind enough (as usual) and add this release to AniDB, please do so. Place it under the group peachflavored. Specs ----- Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 848x480 23.976fps (h264 high L4.1, yuv420p, 848x480) Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 384kbps (ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 384 kb/s) Subtitles: English (.ass) Special thanks -------------- Tekeremata! - For taking their time in subtitling this in spanish. UCCUSS - For sharing the raw file. I'll be seeding this for as long as I feel it's necessary so if anyone wants to help, it's much welcome! Stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe good sirs! ~peachflavored

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