[0v3r] Appleseed (complete) + Databook (Id) + Hypernotes + Appleseed Alpha Omnibus

2020-04-26 12:38 UTC
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This is one of my favourite manga ever and I love the detailed art. I know there's a couple Appleseed torrents here, but I wanted to make this one, to be complete and higher res. Note: Appleseed Alpha Omnibus is a spin-off of the movie with completely original storyline. The artist is not Masumune Shirow, and you'll notice the difference. But I've included here for the sake of completionism. ... Appleseed v01-v04: World War III is over, and nomad soldier Duenan Knute and her cyborg partner Briareos struggle to survive in the abandoned cities and demilitarized zones of the post-war wasteland, the "Badside." Matters appear on the upswing, however, when they are found and brought to Olympus, an urban utopia and centerpiece for the reconstruction of civilization. Duenan and Bri join the Olympus police, a force that seems hardly necessary in such a paradise. But, like in most pretty pictures, perfection is an illusion, and Olympus's peaceful facade hides a dark secret, a violent struggle between human and cyborg that could once again plunge the world into war... and genocide. Note: Won the Seiun Award for Best Manga in 1986. Databook: In 1990, Shirow produced the Appleseed Databook, a detailed look into the history, the people, and the technology found in the world of Appleseed. The book includes the short story titled "Called Game". Hypernotes: Appleseed Hypernotes was serialized in Comic Gaia, followed by a collected volume in 1996. The Hypernotes consist of a four chapter story followed by technical information about the world, mechs, and equipment much like Appleseed Databook. An English language version of Appleseed Hypernotes was serialized in Dark Horse Comics' Super Manga Blast. One of the terms for Hypernotes publication stated that Appleseed Hypernotes could not be released in English in collected format. The reason for this is because Shirow was unsatisfied with the work and wanted to fix it before releasing it as a complete book for English readers. Dark Horse eventually released an English TPB of Hypernotes in October 2007.

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  • Appleseed
    • Appleseed Alpha Omnibus (2017)
      • Appleseed Alpha Omnibus (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire).cbz (476.9 MiB)
    • Appleseed v01 - The Promethean Challenge (2007, 3rd Printing) (digital) (Minutemen-Rufio).cbz (225.7 MiB)
    • Appleseed v02 - Prometheus Unbound (2008) (Digital) (XRA-Empire).cbr (239.8 MiB)
    • Appleseed v03 - The Scales of Prometheus (2008) (Digital) (1024px) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (127.3 MiB)
    • Appleseed v04 - The Promethean Balance (2009) (Digital) (1024px) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (141.2 MiB)
    • Databook (Appleseed ID) (2007) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (181.3 MiB)
    • Hypernotes (2007) (Digital) (XRA-Empire).cbr (345.5 MiB)
Whats the reading order for this? EDIT: Thanks man appreciate it

0v3r (uploader)

I've edited the description, to make it clearer. Read the four volumes first. Leave Appleseed Alpha for last.
Appleseed - Book 3 - The Scales of Prometheus (2014) (digital-Empire) https://mega.nz/#!DCAn3CrB!fdfkU6VNndt7EAgh14-FE2IFv7dRNpqaU81mu2Qjg0w Appleseed - Book 4 - The Promethean Balance (2014) (digital-Empire) https://mega.nz/#!ebZwxC5L!SQ-7gxtQmL73ZQ_I50uaoPZHJyshUEVs-TtCj07eBM8 Slightly better than Lovag's rip.
@XRA9 Link for volume 4 is broken :)
@imagine7 https://mega.nz/#!iHAi1IAQ!b8O2t1pMXy7_UOxT7YPdNZRB-VzjtzPBqXyBjDTa6bc Book 1 by XRA-Empire https://mega.nz/file/z9VjBA6J#u83fpQ5sZ08hMWuVDF-epggfza2er55krFDjz2txRqk note: Appleseed ID have higher res there's already torrent called Appleseed ID (2007) (Infinity-Lovag-Empire) (789.5 MiB)
>note: Appleseed ID have higher res there’s already torrent called Appleseed ID (2007) (Infinity-Lovag-Empire) (789.5 MiB) That's a scan. Do you people want a digital rip that's around the same res as book 1 and 2?

0v3r (uploader)

@XRA9:the difference is minor (a little bit brighter), but that version the double pages are split, I prefere them in single image (Book 3).