[RoadRush] Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - 004v0 [1CC3FF9D] (720p)

2020-04-26 10:56 UTC
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Episode 004 - Goodbye, Student Council President! Script: RedkaZero (Edited by Arc and Oz) Timing: MasterOfOz Raw: Rage-Raws Special Thanks: Silv_r zerosumgame for timing advice Ivoyko SigTheSourceman

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  • [RoadRush] Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - 004v0 [1CC3FF9D] (720p).mkv (461.9 MiB)
Oh you're not re-up'ing with 1080p, or did they not come out in the end?
hey dudes do you have discord? i would like help.
Our Discord Server is at https://discordapp.com/invite/EnZvtD.
You misspelled my Discord name. Its "SigTheSauceMan", lol. Though technically... "Sauce" means source in anime so...
thanks a lot for all ur hard work, may i ask if u will release the 1080 ver of ep 3 and 4??
@darkkasier00, We're working on it. Also, the only source of Amazon/AniTV 1080p raws has apparently become either banned or inactive, so for the time being, we ([SpeedWarrior]/[RoadRush]) will only be releasing the usual 720p versions that have the clock. However, I am the group's English checker (I take the subs the actual Japanese->English translator did, and improve the grammar, spelling, terminology, etc...) for the better, later release. So, don't expect any of the proper 1080p RAWs for now. But we'll definitely continue to release the usual 720p versions. For release reference: Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS premiered on TV (the RAWs with the clock) on the morning of Saturday, April 4 in Japan. It then began airing from Amazon.co.jp and AniTV (higher quality and no clock) four days later on April 8th. So far, we seem to be able to get the 720p version out same day or a day later. So just keep checking back Saturday/Sunday.
is there an episode 1 version of your subs
@Deiman It was released under [Tsudoishi Negai]. We didn't have a fixed or coordinated team at the time. To be completely honest, we still don't. At the very least, we really need a typesetter.
UPDATE: So, it would appear that Konami has no intentions "for the foreseeable future" to license YU-GI-OH! SEVENS and release it outside of Japan. This also applies to the RUSH DUEL cards recently released in the OCG, with Konami citing that there is no reason to, as the TCG already has Speed Duels. This COULD change however.
i would like to help too if needed. could you possibly send another invite for the discord?