[TC] [SoM] Dragon Ball Z - Movies 1-3 (Pioneer-Ocean Dub) [DVD][4x3][ISO]

2020-04-21 03:15 UTC
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Untouched ISOs for the Pioneer/Ocean versions of Dragon Ball Z movies 1-3. For some reason these are hard to find on the internet and are otherwise unseeded on Nyaa. Also included are the edited versions of the same movies from Disc 9 of the "Rock The Dragon" set. Movie 3 is unique because its edited version has a completely different dub done by Saban and Ocean as part of the TV series broadcast. Again these are just raw ISOs, nothing has been modified from them. *** *Video:* 720x480 4x3 *Audio:* English 2.0 (Ocean), Japanese Mono

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Rare on Nyaa? I guess, but the Pioneer DVDs are pretty cheap.
It's too bad I sold my original and lost the iso's for the GT singles. We need to preserve those just in due to how complete they were. Thank you for this. I recently got lucky at a retro game store and found all three ocean dub movies for less than ten bucks.

iKaos (uploader)

@Impakt That's why I said hard to find *on the internet*, as in there's ISOs of everything else, but not these.
UUE movies are harder to find though .

iKaos (uploader)

@dragonballlover UUE movies (and the other FUNi movies) are all in here, which I also seed: https://nyaa.si/view/962574
@iKaos No, the first Z 3 movies of that torrent are not the UUE ones, they're the same movies you shared in this torrent ( but without the edited RD ones). Besides, its first dragon ball movie is a bootleg, which contains Cropped DBOX footage instead of the real 4:3 one Funi used in their actual DVD .

iKaos (uploader)

@dragonballlover It LOOKS like they're the same movies as this because they used the wrong photo in the description, but if you actually download it and look at look at the files, it's the UUEs.
@Krycek7o2 I own all the DBGT Single DVDs
checked the first one, it has vertical a line on the left side of the video, can you please encode these and fix that? thanks anyways!