2020-04-19 19:32 UTC
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NOTE: It was announced earlier today that the upcoming episodes have been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. So at the moment, we don't know when episode 23 and on will air. Translation: Lord Starfish Timing: Lord Starfish, Toa of Gallifrey Editing: Puto Translation Check: bluesun Typesetting: Lord Starfish

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thank you very much
"See you space cowboy..." (Hopefully this virus stuff won't drag on as long as the gap between OPM S1 and S2.)
I just want to say thank you thank you thank you Some Stuffs for the fantastic job on the English subbed version you are doing for this series. Keep up the amazing work many of us are beyond appreciative of your fantastic work to bringing this series to us!
I heard that Pokemon 2019 will come back next month. Such a good news! I'm so hype and feeling like new generation(aka Gen9) is being announce! LOL I can't believe it is already 6 weeks of hiatus.

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

Yes, they have announced that the new episodes will resume on the 7th. Twilight Wings episode 5 is also coming this week. So... new content is coming at last get hype. But try not to judge 23 too harshly for seemingly being a bit on the filler-y side, obviously that episode wasn't MEANT to be the first new episode after a 7-week break. (Actually I expected it to take significantly longer.)