2020-04-19 19:31 UTC
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NOTE: It was announced earlier today that the upcoming episodes have been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. So at the moment, we don't know when episode 23 and on will air. Translation: Lord Starfish Timing: Lord Starfish, Toa of Gallifrey Editing: Puto Translation Check: bluesun Typesetting: Lord Starfish Encoding: Puto

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Thanks a lot! Oof, this delay is gonna hurt q_q

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

Yeah, considering the recent preview for most hype-worthy upcoming events, this hiatus is most poorly timed :|
Thanks for all the work you guys have been putting into this! Any plans on working on older stuff in the meantime to fill in the gaps, in the meantime (Original series, AG, DP ep 48, Housou/Side Stories)?

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

Other than doing the first 26 episodes of Sun & Moon to complete that series, we have no specific plans of doing any older series. And actually, just speaking from how long DOING said first 26 episodes has taken, I think I can safely say that I, at least, will not be going back to sub any more older SERIES from scratch. Maybe the odd movie or TV-special here or there, but not a whole series with over a hundred episodes. Some of us in the staff have been talking about maybe taking on some other projects after we finish work on Sun & Moon 1-26, but these hypothetical future projects are stuff that has nothing to do with Pokémon. And it would all be done more in the vein of how we handle Jojo, aka, heavily edited official subs/other fansubs, rather than translating from scratch.
Didn't realize that you guys were working on the first eps from SM, but will make sure to grab those when they go up. As for the other Pokemon series, there's tons of subs (although older) floating around for the majority of episodes. Recently, some mass torrents have gone up with everything that is currently offered, with gaps not being as bad as they may seem, even if they are lower in quality. If any of those gaps get filled, it's always nice to see, especially since Pokemon is not something that most subbers are wanting to do. With whatever you guys end up doing, it's greatly appreciated!!