[PNG] Dragon Ball Z - Dragon Box Z (R1) (Custom Covers)

2020-04-15 23:02 UTC
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Covers rebuilt by _eledoremassis02_ for use if you have the R1 Dragon Box Z discs and need covers for 'em. These days, just the discs alone go for $300 or so, but I wouldn't spend that much on the discs only.

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Hello @Impakt I would like to know if it’s possible to get the ADV subs of Saint Seiya in .ass files? I know someone did a mkv release but never got the chance to download it and extract it. I’m doing a R3 release right now (french and english) of the series. Hope you can help me, thanks and take care

Impakt (uploader)

XMedia Recode allows to create a DVD Remix with the subtitles untouched, but when I try to extract the subs I get an error message. Otherwise, your other option is to manually copy each line from subs.
Okay will see what I can do, thanks for the help
Good Morning! All right? Do you have Kyojuu Yamashi - Kyojuu Tokusou Jaspion 1985 - 8 Disc Toei DVD to share with me? Thank you very much!
Hey @Impakt , By any chance do u have disk scans for this 7 Vol, 42 disk collection. Thanks for this tho! the only release for the 42 disk version!!
Hello, could you point me to the direction of where I could find full DVD rips of the 7 Dragon Boxes? Seeing as they're so ungodly expensive, I'm thinking about maybe burning the files onto DVD R discs. And an upload of the disc labels would be very nice.