2020-04-06 15:59 UTC
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"Always Remembered" Kai apologizes to Hana before his announcement. New member Reo, a pro surfer, eyes Vivi when he arrives, bringing a change of pace in the house. Uploaded 1080p format… Enjoy!

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  • Terrace.House.Tokyo.2019-2020.S04E03.Week39.Always.Remembered.mkv (1.6 GiB)
Thank you!!!!!!!!: )
Hi. The title is still week 38. thanks by the way!

_manek (uploader)

Thanks @terracehousewatchparty, updated the title with the correct name!
Thank you! #ProtectManek at all costs!
Looks like 40 is the last one for some time as they halted production due to covid-19. I read it has been released in Japan but without English subs.

_manek (uploader)

yes @rymerster... still waiting for English translations to release
How about uploading the raw then? Many of us don't watch with the subs, and fansubs start appearing as soon as there is a raw available, so there's that too. Thanks.
be patient, kids. it's the last episode for now, anyways. "many of us" watch with subs, including manek, the uploader. so there's that too. heh
To be frank, I'm done with this bullshit. Subscribed to Netflix now. Thank you & Goodbye. Fuck EOPs.
Oh no, please don't go! What would we do without you?? :((( so sad right now. LOLZ. And what's EOP anyway? End of policy? End of play? Educational opportunity program? gtfoh
English only peasants. Usually used by douchebags :) Also, getting annoyed because one has to wait a bit more to watch an entertainment program is very childish. Reminds me of Hana somehow.
@Robotman, Hana wouldn't get that annoyed that easy. And if you think she would, your hat is stupid. All joking aside, if your anger makes you go support the material you were otherwise pirating...good? Enjoy watching Japanese Netflix, @KiRAKiRA_KiSSU, I wish I had an easy way to get both Japanese and American Netflix on my smart TVs, but since I don't and I live in the US...
I just heard, the english subs are now available at netflix
I hope we get an upload soon because I have no Netflix and super bored right now