[SpeedWarrior] Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - 001.mkv

2020-04-04 17:49 UTC
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From here a new road opens! Let's Go! Rush Duel!! Translation from RedKaZero with some alterations: http://neoarkcradle.net/ Raws from Zero3K: https://nyaa.si/view/1234770

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  • [SpeedWarrior] Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - 001.mkv (316.2 MiB)
I suggest that you make a version of it that uses https://nyaa.si/view/1234944 since the raw you used (which is originally from a french person on Twitter) is a 360p one.
Subs are good. Thanks for doing this.
neo ark cradle usually has good subs. would this count as an Astral Union release?
While the video quality is fine the subs themselves leave much to be desired. The grammar is stilted and doesn't flow properly, stuff is out right wrong (right in the beginning it should say 'carve his path' and it says 'carve this path') and characters talking off-screen don't get their dialogue translated (when they should). I know we want fast subs, but for the love of it all, take a couple extra minutes to proofread (or get someone to proofread them) before posting and sharing. In the mean time, I would suggest waiting for better subs to come along.
oh... 6 min, 66 second... 7m06s???? wtf
I like how the card names are color-coded to match their card type. But one thing: on all cards that mention other cards' names, each card name is in parentheses. It might look weird, but its proper to the game so for example, in your version: YUGA: I summon Dark Sorcerer, Magical Beast Wolfram, and Spell Archer!, it should be YUGA: I summon "Dark Sorcerer", "Magical Beast Wolfram", and "Spell Archer"! (yes, punctuation is outside the parentheses). And as someone who really loves Yu-Gi-Oh!, I'd be happy to help you proofread the translations, or at least make them sound a bit better and get spelling and punctuation right. And so far, NO-ONE else is subbing this. I hope HorribleSubs gets it soon though.
Sigma_103: You can rip the .ass and fix it. And HorribleSubs doesn't sub the anime they get, they just rip the anime from Crunchyroll, etc and then torrent them.
If either of you guys wanted to QC future episodes I'd be more than happy to collaborate. Looks like TsudoishiNegai already fixed the stilted dialogue, grammar and karaoke so Episode 1 at least is complete. Find me on Discord at ErzTYz if you're interested. I actually subbed this at midnight when I remembered based NAC scripts were still a thing and saved this without properly proofreading at 3AM. Episode quality will be higher next time.
From TsudoishiNegai's torrent: "These are basically the same subs as SpeedWarrior'’s, they’ve just added subs to the OP and ED (thank you) and cleaned up some of the excessive punctuation in parts(also good). The stilted grammar and untranslated lines remain. :/ Now all we need is a proofreader to fix this and we’ll have a decent fansub." I can help QC this and future episodes. What Discord server are you on?
I created a server at https://discord.gg/vwAXBE if you wanted to help out. Come join!