[DVD_ISO] Psychic Academy - Volume 2 (US, English 'Soft' Subbed)

2020-03-30 13:30 UTC
Discord: Mr. Kimiko#7357
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![Image](https://images2.imgbox.com/92/ae/SM0nONJr_o.jpg) *From my own Anime DVD Collection, will post Volume 1 someday.* Hey everyone!! I know, I know. [Never say never.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxrdJCkNvvg "Never Say Never by Justin Bieber (feat. Jaden Smith & Richie Branson)") I'm BACK. I will be encoding Anime Again! Under a new name. I'm not taking shit from no one from now on. - Mr. Kimiko I'm looking for typesetters & DVD Encoders(That know how to use 'vapoursynth') for upcoming projects. **Upcoming Projects...** *(Pending Name)* [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Trinity Seven [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][DTS-HD MA] (Dual Audio, w/ FanSubs) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (Forever Bitch Edition) [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][LPCM] (Dual Audio) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] R.O.D. (Read or Die) [BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] (Dual Audio) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Sankarea [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][FLAC] (Dual Audio, w/ FanSubs) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Fractale [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][FLAC] (Dual Audio, w/ FanSubs or R1 PGS) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] DNA2 [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] (Dual Audio, w/ R1-FanSubs) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] To Love-Ru Trouble [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][DTS-HD MA] (Dual Audio, w/ FanSubs) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Metropolis [BD][Hi10][1080p][DTS-HD MA] (Dual Audio) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Maid-Sama! [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][DTS-HD MA] (Dual Audio, w/ FanSubs) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Zombie Land Saga [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][FLAC] (Dual Audio, w/ FanSubs) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Hikaru no Go [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] (Dual Audio, w/ ALL-NEW FanSubs) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Magical Girl Pretty Sammy - TV Series [SDBD][Hi10][480p][AC3] (ALL-NEW FanSubs) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Angel Links [JP.DVD][Hi10][480p][AC3] (Dual Audio, Maybe FanSubs) [Fukuzatsu na Hanashi] Witch Hunter Robin [JP.DVD][Hi10][480p][AC3] (Dual Audio, Maybe FanSubs) **Plz SEED** **_Mr. Kimiko_**

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Can't seem to send you PMs in Discord, so I'll just send it here. If you're looking for encoders, you can't go wrong with [ex's server](https://discord.gg/ZB7ZXbN) or the [GJM Fansubbing Cave](https://discord.gg/hQewDqS) (just ask Fyurie to give you the fansubbing role). These are the central hubs for most good encoders (or fansubbers in general) nowadays.
why just vol 2? post vol 1 now guy.

Mr_Kimiko (uploader)

@cazador1337 You want to pay $40 for it now??? I didn't think so. I will buy it when the time is good.
thanks anyway, keep posting ISOs, I like old school animes.
Welcome back brother are you back too cause of Bleach :D Anyways happy to see you again.
I have volume 1-how bad do you want it?
@zrdb just for preservation of what I like and of things that is lost or being forget.
Ok, I'll scan the dvd and see about uploading the iso-seeding might be iffy though as I can only seed it for a couple of hours a day.

Mr_Kimiko (uploader)

@zrdb can you upload to my G-Drive? PM me on Discord or email me (koten.gars @ Gmail) I will make and seed it. Also I will credit you.
make a weeb seed then bro
any progress with volume 1?

Mr_Kimiko (uploader)

@amandweeb I never got that email from @zrdb